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This is one of my favorite add-ons, especially for the Smart Search Box, but recently the Search Panel stop working. It doesn't show when I hit Ctrl+Shift+F. How can we fix it?

Congratulations to the author for his great job.
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Hmm, did some other addon take that shortcut? What happens when you do Ctrl-Shift-F? That might give a clue as to which addon took it. Or you can disable other addons one by one to figure it out. It's pretty much certain it's due to other addons interfering.

If you go to FS's Options -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Use Ctrl-F to open ..., then press Ctrl-F, would that work? Another alternative is to use find-as-you-type. You can activate it on-the-fly by typing an '/' in front of your search phrase. Give it a try. I almost never use the Find/Search Panel myself. Always FAYT.