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Thank you for a very clear response. As I said, and I believe you understood this, what I wrote was only my opinion on certain aspects. I said that I, as well as all your users must, appreciate your efforts into coding such a feature-extensive add-on, and I meant it. And yes it's true that my review may have been a little biased, but that is unavoidable after all, I do have my tastes and, like you said, I am proud of my own add-on. But in all honesty, it was meant only as constructive criticism.

If I was to leave a review before, I would have given it a higher rating before (I will do now, after your response, as an attentive developer like you seem to be is always appreciated in a community like this), but you must understand that, considering that your add-on is now not only featured but as well as a Pick of the Month, it should meet a higher degree of standards, which I don't believe it does yet, but as I mentioned, it can definitely in the future.

Just some final notes (if you wish, we can discuss this further by e-mail):

- The difficulty in the first-configuration process, I do believe it is of critical importance, because every single user that installs the add-on must go through that at least once. It's usually a first impression (When I open the FAQ page I see a small scrollbar so I think "That's a lot to read...", when I open the video I see 40 minutes duration and I think "That's a lot to watch..." etc) that either makes the user keep or discard an add-on. It turned me off before and did so again this time. I'm sure that it has been the same for many other users.

- That is valid also for the UI. And by "impose" I didn't mean like you like it so you have to get everyone to do so as well, you may have misunderstood me here. I meant the lack of customization you provide for these elements. Right now, if I wanted to change anything I'd have to use Stylish, and that implies a higher degree of knowledge than most users have. You're right about one thing, if I don't like I should either help or just not use it. I said that it was just my personal preference to like simpler things. I did not mean to be rude and I apologize if that was how you took it, it was not my intention at all.

- I did not check the categories of the add-on, but neither do most users when they search for something rather than browse categories, they just see the name of the add-on and the small description most times. I have to stand by my opinion on this matter, that those features are typical of a very different add-on than this, and I do believe you could easily expand them to their own add-on if you so wanted.

Again, I apologize if in my previous review I seemed harsh. It was not my intent at all. I think I put the goggles of a reviewer for a moment and I tend to be very critic like that sometimes.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.0.1-signed).  This user has a previous review of this add-on.

Thank you for the new review & I do very much appreciate your explanation and updates! I understand, as a developer myself, I complain about non-intuitive/awkwardly-designed things a lot too and definitely some of your points are valid. As I said, the Find in All Tabs feature in your FBT addon is the best of kind among all addons (UPDATE: with FS v3.12's new result presentation, FS is now very good in result presentation and the most feature complete for all Find in All Tabs addon IMO) and you're actively improving it, it's understandable you would be critical of other addons when focused on similar features.

As I replied earlier, the customization UI is clumsy at first, and not easy to navigate for new users. But I didn't/couldn't change it for multiple reasons: 1. Initially it wasn't possible to do so as Addon SDK didn't support a traditional options. 2. It's a huge effort to do so - especially when localization support has to switch too. 3. The nice in-context linked documentation will be gone too if I switch to Addon SDK's newly supported, and still non-perfect options support - there would be new complaints arising if I do so. So this criticism I just have to endure for a while, although I am thinking of ways to make it less aggravating. UPDATE: v3.12 with the "reshow" main Options panel option enabled by default, it removes a little frustration.

My UI overall could be improved for sure. The search panel I've informed interested user that they can change CSS themselves. The Options panels are much more work as said above unfortunately.

As for inclusion of other features in a mainly search addon, I agree it could be annoying for those not interested in the features. But since the drag-n-drop are right click mouse gestures that won't usually be activated, and autocopy is mostly (but not always) harmless, I do not feel a change is needed right now - especially since my Linux-based friends do like them, I myself too.

To expand those features into their own addons are possible, but that defeats the purpose of me making this addon. I liked the "Autocopy" and "Super Dragandgo" addons before, but the latter died and I didn't want to install separate addons for every feature I need. So I made one myself to include those features. It just happens that the main feature by far that I put into this all-in-one addon is search-related. I agree plenty of people seemed to only want regex feature, but I'd rather people spend 20 seconds to disable the non-regex features they don't need (they're all readily accessible in the main Options panel to be turned on/off) in this situation than me spending a lot of time splitting the addons into two portions and maintaining two sets of sometimes-overlapping codebase.

Thanks again for your review! I apologize as well as I was getting harsher near the end of my reply too and I'm glad that our exchange resulted in better understanding not bitterness. I hope that eventually you could enjoy FS to its full extent (some of the features takes some getting used to, but once you start using it for a little bit, you'd love it I believe).