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This 5-star review was posted by a user a couple days ago, which was unfortunately removed because I had to delete the new buggy version I released. Since the review and my reply would be helpful to other users, I'm reposting the review for the user again. Here's the original review:

Very useful, but could you please add a listing of availble css selectors to the documentation pages that can be used to change the colors and style related to the search (other stuff doesnt show up that often but would be cool too)?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.23.1-signed). 

Here's the original reply that's useful to other users interested in changing style:

Gee, I'm getting so upset with AMO's reply feature! It almost ALWAYS swallows my first reply and creates an empty one instead! What a time waster.

So, in short (because I'm typing a 2nd time): Stylish rules might not work as FS injects CSS before search and removes it after, to not pollute your webpages. So instead, make a backup of <my firefox profile directory>\extensions\fastestsearch@mingyi.org\resources\fastestsearch\data\find.css first. Then open it up and directly change styles there. Press 'Esc' to clear current text search, then do a search again and you'll see your new style.

Note: once you decide a new style that you like, you need to save a copy of your customized find.css - because a new FS version will overwrite the old find.css file. I might take some time to add all CSS into preference system instead, that might be better - but my work's quite busy right now so I can't promise when it'd be done.