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I had earlier reported that the image save isn't working. I take that back, it is working perfectly. The problem is that the folder I was trying to save images in was a password protected one. My mistake, I am sorry.

Regarding the other bug(not being able to disable smart search), Thanks for rolling out the next next version to fix that so soon. I have now set the Hide Smart Searchbox after _ seconds" to 0. That has disabled the smart search. But it would be great if I could disable it altogether to not show the pop up even when I press the shift key. I use other addons which do stuff with the shift key and I would appreciate it if the smart search box would not keep popping up everytime I press shift.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.14.1-signed).  This user has other reviews of this add-on.

Grrr, AMO has been swallowing my replies occasionally, now I have to type this reply again:

It's good to hear about the image save is working.

Update: I just released v2.16 that:
1. Fixed the smart searchbox 0 engine config bug. But don't remove all engines, just used the new-in-v2.16 'Do not show the Smart Searchbox' option in the main Options panel, IF needed. I recommend you use SS, because of the reason below.
2. Now engine shortcuts or map location shortcuts can contain numbers and underscore and v2.16 increased engine shortcut max length to 4 characters from 3.
3. As per your wish, now Smart Searchbox allows unlimited number of engines specified. You can have 16, 32, 100 icons if you want!
4. v2.16 rearranged options and only present easy-disable options in the main Options panel. This allows novice users to quickly turn off the major features that they find intrusive. Basically, those are Instant (and/or Suggest) and Smart Searchbox. The detailed Smart Searchbox options now belong to a new Smart Searchbox settings panel.

I hope you test the new version (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fastest-search/versions/2.16) and let me know how it goes. So far all your wishes are implemented except for the options panel remain unwieldy in a sense. Not much I can do there. Now I can get some sleep ...