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  • Your Product 'Fastest Search' is excellent"!!!

    Dear Mingyi Liu, it would be a pleasure for me if I would be able to use a other 'Fastest Search'
    editon, i.e. also for the newest FireFox Version on Windows 10. A big hope of mine: you will have the time to develop it.
    Best Regards, Ari.

    Dear Mingyi Liu, thank you very much for your 'Fastest Search' editon for the older Firefox on Windows 7.
  • Best addon and favorite I've ever used. I really hope you stay with us. Gl
  • No good
  • Worst ever
  • Fastest Search is the best tool at a click on the mouse for searching the web, maps, etc.. and translating into many languages and so on! I was very fond of Firefox until they managed to prevent me from using this tool. I reverted from modern Firefox to older ones -with all the trouble of loosing Bookmarks and so on, just to be able to use Fastest Search. I haven't done anything to help Firefox more than telling all my friends and others for many years to use Firefox AND Fastest Search.
    As soon as you make Fastest Search work with Google Chrome I will switch browser. Firefox people are not listening.
    Thank you.
  • Love, love, love.
    Had to install FF ESR, but cannot live without FS.
    Need the auto-copy, the always working image save, and mostly the search engine panel, the multi tab search.

    What would you need to work on the upgrade?
    I'm no coder, but last December I send you USD10 to encourage you.
  • عالی بود

    for new firefox 57+ use

    both of them woke perfectly
  • Total S___ addon: Author has disabled the ability to disable key parts of this addon - e.g.: the so-called "shopping assistant". Total s___! Too bad, it used to be a good addon. If this is corrected, I'll amend this review, but from his attitude it will probably Remain s___.
  • very efficient ! very useful ! Hope further version support new firefox Quantum and Chrome. Thank you very much!
  • hope to see the support for FF 57+
  • Smart and fast browsing with the ability to use your own favorite sites/searches. Highlight a word and a bubble containing your favorites will pop up.

    Btw Mingyi Liu have you considered Waterfox instead of Chrome? Just discovered it yesterday and its great: faster, respects privacy, gives freedom of choice by allowing to use unsigned extensions, etc.
  • Dear Dev, just came here to thank you for your hard work over the years. I must do this so mush earlier, because i use your add-on like forever and its one of my al-time-favorite. Even FS its not update for 57+ yet, i will give it 6/5 star for all the previous years of using this amassing add-on with no problem. FS is one of these add-ons, that make your surfing experience fluid, intuitive and fast. For now i try to use other alternatives, that have some of its functionality, but i am totally ready for your update version. :)

    Again, thank you! And, pls, ignore my English, its not my native language.
  • I used to rate it 5 stars.
    Lack of support for FF57 is a huge disappointment.
  • Great extension!! I am still using this extension in some updated FF with XUL support. ver 3.39 in Waterfox 55.2 and ver3.31 in Palemoon 27.5 ;) Thanx!
    Update: Likely FS will be updated for FF57, but I'm seriously weighing the option to switch to support Chrome instead. Before I finally update FS for FF57+, I personally just switched FF update option in General to "check for updates but let you choose to install". I will post updates on the status here or on my website.
  • nice tool
  • very useful, great add-on.
  • Hi Mingyi, thank you for writing such a great little addon. However, with the change to add-on compatibility in FF 57 going forward, will a non-legacy version of Fastest Search be released? I can't imagine browsing without Fastest Search, to be honest! Cheers, I certainly hope so. Thank you again.

    *edit* Smartbox disappearing and not displaying despite using the keyboard shortcut -- pretty disappointed with this and the continued silence from developer. I tried the fix that Leonel suggested but it didn't work; CTRL + ALT + L didn't bring up any sort of notification or refresh.

    *reply to author* Fair enough, Mingyi and sorry if it came across as patronizing when I said 'little addon' -- that's more on this user not utilizing its full capability, I'm sure, and it can't be easy to constantly re-write and edit each time for every iteration of FF. So I guess FS is not going to work beyond 56? That's really disappointing to hear. Would a compromise be possible at all? For instance, is it possible for the smart searchbox functionality to be ported over in some fashion?
    I wish it was a "little addon". Most of the addons out there are tiny compared to this one. That's why I'm far from being able to port this one to webextensions, which despite all its progress, just won't support a number of FS's features.
  • Its very nice to have such a great Tool!
  • Really great one! Hope it'll be updated to work with firefox 57+
    Will FS be updated for FF57? Likely, but I'm seriously weighing the option to switch to support Chrome instead. Before I finally update FS for FF57+, I personally just switched FF update option in General to "check for updates but let you choose to install". I will post updates on the status here or on my website.
  • This feature really works. I can see the difference. Thank you, Firefox. Great job!
  • you are a brillant guy , Good job , i recommend this extension
  • Superb Addon but it seams to have stopped working on FF54 64x (2017-06-24)
    I hope one day they make this the default standard.
    Thanks a lot for your time.
    FS works fine with FF54 64bit (I'm using it now), but not with multiprocess.

    As for multiprocess support, I found myself gasping for free time now (really drowned with work and also many things in life too), so really not making much progress in addons. But I'll keep it working as I use it daily as well.
  • If you take the time to learn a bit about this add-on, it can do just a plethora of things for you! Try it out for sure.
  • 啟用這個擴展地址欄失去焦點會出現自動恢復,不失去焦點這不會,具體操作是:例如在地址欄輸入666,然後點擊壹下網頁的其他地方,讓地址欄失去焦點,就是666後面的光標消失了之後切換到另壹個標簽再在切換回來,地址的666就自動恢復成網頁網址了;如果不點擊壹下網頁的其他地方,地址欄沒有失去焦點則切換壹個標簽頁再切換回來,地址也不會恢復還是666,請問如何關閉地址欄失去焦點切換標簽頁再切換回來會出現地址自動恢復的功能?
  • Fastest Search is one of my favorites addon. Congratulations! Please, update it for FF 57!!!