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very good soft, but it conflict with my firefox 6 history and bookmarks suggestions, when i type without search engine, i mean without ;g ;gi etc it actually doesnt search on google, but whatever i write it search in my bookmarks and history titles and urls, and thats really not what i want, i want google instant :) thank you

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.70.1-signed). 

You're mistaken. FS does NOT interfere with the FF history/bookmark suggestions at all - they are still available at exactly where they were without FS. FS only loads the best result instantly. When no valid history/bookmark is found, FS DOES search Google.Google Chrome Instant does the same thing - loads best history results first, otherwise it searches Google.

But if you were comparing FS Instant with Google Instant on google.com - you're comparing apples and oranges. FS Instant supports way more functions than Google Instant, of course for a subset of the functions, it demands you enter a shortcut ';g' to be specific that you don't want history/bookmark. If I do what you want (typing in URLBar only searches Google), what about the users (myself included) who DO want to instantly load history search results?

I could easily name 4+ things FS does better than Chrome Instant too (including one annoying Chrome Instant bug that FS doesn't have of course). FS tries to pack many Instant features in URLBar in the way making the most sense and is certainly worthy of 5-star, which is why I'm disappointed at your factually incorrect review.

But anyway, don't forget to also try the FS text search - it beats the socks off Chrome in features (if I didn't support whole-word, regular expression and the much more functional Match Distribution Bar/Match List, tab search, etc., I could make it as fast too).

I used to use Chrome 30+% of the time due to its speed, but after I coded FS, I found myself frequently coming back to FF to use FS. Eventually I realized the small speed edge Chrome has over FF5/6+some slower addons is not worth it any more when FS is installed.