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Few points I observed with 1.62 version:- FAYT search doesnt work with text fields. Type some text in a text field & use addon's FAYT to search for it.- In FAYT search-string display next to the distribution bar, I see letters from the string "no match" in the background sometimes unnecessarily & requires some fine tuning. I couldnt reproduce it many times though.- Also, I noticed a strange behavior with regard to searching numbers: go to this link for instance-http://tinyurl.com/4aq3u and use FAYT to search for '2046'. Type '20', it works fine. Continue typing '4', 4 is typed in the URLBar! And if you try typing it faster, '204' gets searched, but also the focus is moved to the fourth tab! Try again in the page to type '2046' with more speed now and on typing the last number 6 after 204, last tab is getting opened/focused automatically!- Like F3 & Shift-F3 for moving from one result to the next or vice versa, FF also has Ctrl-G & Ctrl-Shift-G shortcuts. Plz implement this shortcut too.- Preview pop up is always fixed at the top left corner. Better if it is moveable (on the lines of CoolPreviews addon)- I couldnt use the scrolling using my laptop's touchpad. Only the scroll bar in the window can be used in order to scroll.Overall, you have made an amazing addon! Search distribution bar is superb. Continue the great work. Thanks.

3. Am using Windows7 and am sure it is not because of OS. If you arent able to reproduce, then I suppose it is because of some other addon that I have.
4. I feel F2 should not be used, as some of the addons/programs generally use it for their shortcuts, whereas, F3 & G are standard shortcuts for searching.
5. You are right. CoolPreviews panels are always within FF window & I agree it is sometimes annoying. Just a thought: Is it possible to use a moveable window/dialog as you said & push the icon into the system tray instead of taskbar?
6. No. I can see the scroll bars. But am not able to do the scrolling using my touchpad (mouse pad) of my laptop (touch & move along the right edge of touchpad). Not sure if it is the property of XUL?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.51.1-signed).  This user has other reviews of this add-on.

1. Text input field: done. Textarea: done. iframes: done. All done in v1.63! v1.65 added highlighting input/textarea.
2. I never saw that happening.
3. I tried the page, didn't see any issue. Which OS are you using?
4. I personally love F2 backward - it's quite useful and I can't believe others didn't think of it, especially given that F2 is generally left unutilized by default. Ctrl-G and ctrl-shift-G and shift-F3 is done in v1.63.
5. Now the panels can be moved anywhere on screen, persist and can even have multiple, IMO definitely better than CoolPreviews which restrict where you could move the panel, thus always blocking part of your browser.
6. I see, the special scrolling simulation. That might not work, I didn't check.