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Replying to your earlier answers to my post:- The "search opens in new tab?" option was really helpful. Thanks. This is what I wanted.- I understand the difficulty in making "instant new tab" for instant searches. So I have to sacrifice using instant loading anyway, but I will be content with the instant suggestions; till the time there is another way out.- However, I noticed a bug; though I couldnt reproduce it many times: after disabling both "instant URL Bar?" & setting it to "No Engine", I have seen that few times, the search loads instantly which it shouldnt! Please check it out.- One more minor bug: after typing the search keyword like ";g testing" and hitting enter, the results are nicely getting opened in a new window now. But, if I go back to the page where I actually typed the keyword, the URL still displays the same ";g testing" instead of its page URL. Please correct this.Now I have a new request. When I was using InstantFox, I liked the idea of using URLBar as a calculator. That is one thing that your addon doesnt provide. Also, I have a good idea for this to work. I had been using an addon called "Status-bar Scientific Calculator" ( for quite a period of time, till the developer stopped upgrading it to the latest FF version. But I really liked the approach a lot (opening a text box in status bar on Ctrl+Space & working inside it as a calculator). It also had lot (really a lot) of functions built into it. I feel it would be really great if you could implement those functions into a new ";c" keyword based calculator entered in URLBar, while the results open in a new tab just like InstantFox! Please see if you can combine the functionality so as to also bring in "fastest calculator" to the table. :)Thanks for the great addon.

Update1: Thanks for the reply. Of course, adding google's calculator as a search engine is a simple way. But I feel no one has developed an addon for FF with scientific calculator abilities. Considering that most avid users today keep FF open, it doesnt make sense to open another calculator application (at least I feel so) to perform a calculation. And also considering that the calculator addon I proposed is on GPL, would it not make it easy for you to integrate without much of modification? I really request you to consider this enhancement. I am sure many users would like it.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.35.1-signed).  This user has other reviews of this add-on.

I gave it some tries but couldn't reproduce loading page instantly despite that the instant URL bar AND no engine are both chosen. In my code this shouldn't happen either. I can only hope that my new version - it's a big one - fixes this problem for you somehow.

UPDATE: For ';g test', v1.60 fixes it. Please download that version.

For calculator, v1.60 ships a calculator engine. BUT, I took the easy route - I used Google's calculator ability. You just need to type ';c 3+5' and it gets 3+5=8 from Google's built-in calculator. If you want it now, you could add one yourself at It won't match that addon's many calculator functionalities but fits simple tasks fine.Update1 reply: Fastest scientific calculator is beyond my intended functionality. GPL doesn't make it easier because I did not and do not intend to GPL Fastest Search code for a number of reasons.