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Hats off for the great bunch of features...its amazing to notice the way you have meticulously thought about these tiny but effective ways of doing things! I have started using every bit of the addon.

However, I have a small nagging issue and/or enhancement-request: I have tab mix plus addon wherein I have configured it to open any URL from address bar, search bar or links-to-other-site in a NEW TAB. This is to prevent the tab content from being hijacked by new URL. But your addon is opening the links in the same tab without respecting tab mix plus' settings. Plz correct this.
Also, I really liked the instant results method, but the same problem wherein the results are opened in the current tab is preventing me from using the feature. Is it possible to provide a option for each search engine such that the instant as well as the final page may be opened in a new tab? (using a check box).
By the way, somehow, I am not able to change the search engine key for a selection. If I select a word and if I want to try changing the "d" to "g", the small icon itself is getting disappeared! Some small bug I suppose. Plz correct it. Also, please check if this addon is compatible with "Apture"; as I am using it too.

And needless to say, thanks a lot for the wonderful addon.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.35.1-signed). 

Thanks for your review!

For your 1st request: You're actually mistaken. My addon did not affect TMP opening normal searches in new tabs, if you chose to set TMP to do that. Fastest Search only opens searches of its own in the same tabs, which includes 2 kinds: Instant searches and ';shortcut keyword' search syntax specific to Fastest Search. Neither is a part of TMP or Firefox itself, of course TMP's setting does not apply. As I explain below, it's not possible to open instant searches in a new tab nicely, but I just added an option 'Search opens new tab?' in v1.50 to allow you open ';shortcut keyword' type of searches in URLBar and SearchBar in a new tab. Just download and install v1.50 and check that option will do what you want.

2nd request: I just tried pretty hard, and found out why no addons (not even Google Chrome itself) has the feature you're seeking. It's VERY difficult (near impossible) to smoothly open a new tab, load instant result, while you continue to type your query with it showing up in the still-loading new tab & also firing new instant search requests - many things are happening at once. To force doing that is both unsmooth and buggy. I can't get it done nicely and free of bugs. I doubt anyone can, because of the latency of page loading and focus swapping and input simulation needed. I hope pressing ctrl-t to open new tab, then type and do instant search is a viable alternative for you. After all, you have to do the same in Google Chrome too, even with all the power of Chrome's native code. No other instant Addon offers this either.

3rd one: I didn't see any problem with 'Apture' + 'Fastest Search'.

The bug of changing shortcut: That's a headscratcher. The small icon area always shows the last engine in the textbox. For example, if you typed 'g', it shows the icon of Google, assuming you didn't change Google's shortcut or delete the engine altogether. If you typed 'g,e', it'll now show eBay icon instead, as it's the last engine in the box. The only reason why the icon should disappear is when the last engine shortcut typed is not valid. The icon disappears as a warning, because in such case you press 'return' key, no search will be done. Please double check the shortcut you typed in the 'Search Engines' panel, accessible by left clicking Fastest Search icon then clicking on 'Search Engines'.