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  • ich arbeite mit Linux Mint und hier geht diese Version absolut nicht.
  • まだまだ
  • Please also update to Firefox 57
  • Aus jetztigem Stand bietet diese Erweiterung keine vorteile zur Inoffiziellen version des Orginals.
    Diese Erweiterung ist unbrauchbar für den FFX 57+
    Eigentlich könnte Sie aus der Datenbank entnommen werden sofern es nicht baldige Updates gibt!
  • Dieses Add-on ist mit der Firefox-Version 55 nicht kompatibel. Daher keine objektive Bewertung möglich.
  • (fork de Firefox:Firefox 派生版)「Pale Moon」の公式ホームページ
    Known Incompatible Add-ons:既知の互換性のないアドオン(https://addons.palemoon.org/incompatible/)
    List of add-ons with known compatibility issues:互換性の問題が知られているアドオンの一覧
    Last updated: 2016-09-15
    Fasterfox Lite (This is considered harmful to Pale Moon):(これは、ペイルムーンに有害であると考察されます)

    web上でも akatory さんの記述にあるような不具合が、多数報告されています。
  • 自分で設定すればこれは要らない。リスクを負う必要なし。
  • i test it and i forget it! fail!
  • Firefoxの動作を軽くすると紹介しているサイトがあるが、インストールしたらFirefoxが動かなくなった。
  • The author of this addon says this below, well if you are honest than why don't the developer of this addon state that they use the users to track the websites you visit. Simply put, If the author/developers of this addon are truly transparent....put it in the description of this addon that you track your users, can you do that?

    The author says this below, yet they don't state in the description that they track your internet surfing habit. Ask the developer this, do you make money by tracking the users of this addon>? I would say yes they do!

    by Wips.com s.r.o. (Developer) on November 8, 2012 · permalink · translate

    there is no need to be aware, we don't do anything bad. You can get great functionality for free. If you are referring to the data. You can turn them off in the settings. And we don't collect any harmful data. All of them are completely anonymous.
  • Wisp is data research company of Korea. They sell the private information of our browsing data of Firefox to any companies. If you are a wise, this add-in should not be installed.
  • WIPS needs to be banned as their business model goes against everything open source stands for. They buy out old trusted extensions and turn them into spyware.
  • WIPS is a spyware company. While their privacy page does state that their extensions will collect data, data collection in FasterFox is opt-out, and the opt-out switch hidden in about:config (extensions.wips.stats_permission.fasterfox) - no GUI. IMHO this clearly violates Mozilla policies.

    This should never have been approved for a.m.o!
  • Took me a while to figure out since I use many addons, but fasterfox was the culprit for bogging/hanging FF. I've used this extension for years without issue, but NO longer. IF you have issues, disable/remove fasterfox and watch your browser behave normal again.
  • Great Addon!!. Don't belive who says it's a spyware. It works very good.

    Wips is happy to add code to track EVERY website you visit, but they don't even understand how the addon works.


    "Thank you Joebt,
    you made some reasonable arguments and we want to discuss it.

    Fasterfox is meant to help make Firefox faster on slow/low-end computers. You computer is very fast and it's obvious, that we can't help as much as we can help to slower machines."

    Anyone who has even glanced at the code for addons like FasterFox would know this statement is complete bullshit. FF allows the browser utilise more of your computer's resources to boost network performance. It improves the connection between a FAST computer and a slow server. The tweaks made by FasterFox would render a PC that's kinda slow for web browsing EVEN MORE SLOW.
  • This addons is a Spyware that sends information about every website you visit back to their servers.

    Quote from their Privacy Policy:
    "Wips.com extension service collects and stores anonymous information about specific webpages. [...] The Wips.com extensions sends anonymous statistics about specific type of websites. [...] anytime a user downloads and install the extension, it will automatically get an unique GUID , which looks similar to this: a576d785-b2d3-4534-81a2-2692f74108dc"

    Moreover, how is a "Globally Unique ID" not personally identifiable?
  • MALWARE ! it's unbelievable that mozilla team let that active in here !


  • Malware. DO NOT INSTALL!
  • Adware. Spyware. Avoid.
  • This appears to be completely stolen from the original "FasterFox" extension. They specifically state on their page that this extension is ILLEGITIMATE and they don't condone the use. Also, WIPS is a data miner.
  • DO NOT install this extension before carefully reading their non-privacy "privacy" policy

    more wips.com extensions to look out for...

    more information on how WIPS.COM TRACKS AND SELLS YOUR PERSONAL DATA...
  • Dieses Addon benutze ich schon jahrelang, weil ich keine Lust habe, einzelnd die Werte einzustellen. Funktioniert tadellos. Wer keine "anonymen Statistiken" verschicken möchte, soll das Häckchen einfach nur entfernen. Wer sich immer noch unsicher fühlt, einfach das Internetkabel vom Router entfernen!
  • Spyware do not install