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  • nice great job!
  • Nice, customizable and easy to use. It's the best video speed controller that I tried. I recommend it.
  • Nice
  • Work Well
  • I can no longer enjoy it as it is no longer visible; no icon.
    It shows up under add-ons, but not in Firefox.
    The speeds are also listed on the add-ons page, but are grayed out and can not be edited.
    I checked script-block to see if it was blocking it but was told that the page was privileged and could not be edited.
    A similar utility works well on Chrome.
    Had to reinstall. Now it seems to work...
  • Actually 4,5. This extension is awesome, but has display problems in my case.
    I have a 2 screen setup (laptop + monitor) In the main screen (laptop) I can see all the speeds I have specified in the options.
    However in the monitor the popup from the add-on is of the same big but some of the speeds (the ones most to the right) are not visible because the popup does not addapt to the new resolution (or that is what i guess).
    Adding a horitizontal scroll bar, or make the buttons adapt to the popup (or the popup to the buttons) would be perfect!
  • I need the right clicking functionality (which no longer shows) and not the tool bar option. It doesnt work for the videos I get through university anymore. I need the old version i need it i need it

    edit: new computer and i think it works again PRAISE BE TO GOD
  • Very good
  • Please. How do I delete the latest update. I can't even adjust the video speed by right clicking anymore. It was perfect before. Perfect!!!
  • The most recent update added a button to the Firefox Toolbar. Due to this change, users can't change a video's speed while in full screen.
  • Subject says it, does not even work on Youtube because that site creates a custom context menu so this extension isn't even accessible. Also, it is way too inflexible in its settings. Look at the Chrome extension "videospeed" for something that is actually useful, unlike this extension here.
  • It works OK if you want watch videos at just one speed, but you can't change the speed when videos are full screen.
    I've found it much more convenient to use the FireGestures extension with some custom mappings.
  • Firstly, it works amazingly well. Even better, you can set the playback speed to pretty much any desired value and decide what presets and increments will be available.
    What it lacks is a more welcoming GUI. A small indicator hovering over the video would be welcome, for example.
    Also, when using 0.1 speed increments, the context menu shows very weird values for speed, e.g. 0.999999999989X when I reset the playback to default.
  • The ad-on does what it's supposed to, but it's not easy to use with right clicking and getting the right speed I want. Maybe a dialogue box that comes up in which we can input an x-speed.
  • Great basic functionality, could use some default settings or hotkeys
  • I would like to suggest that you mention this, and add keywords about audio. It was hard to find this addon. Typing "faster audio" didn't find your addon on AMO.

    Only thing that would be nice would be maybe a custom option that lets you just type in a specific speed, instead of having to type it in in the Options and then select it.
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