Rated 1 out of 5 stars

cowboyecosse, stop being a shill clown. U MUST B the developer or something, because clearly U can C everybody else on this thread slamming it just as hard as me. They DESTROYED this addon. It won't even DL the whole vids N E more - just partial samples - sick! Hungarian trash - DELETE THIS ADDON NOW!

If U want a vid, U PPL can always go into the 'Temp' folder & use 'unlocker' 2 copy it N E place - just more cumbersome, but worx better than N E addon - EVERY site sticks it's material there, because it's a feature of WinBlow$, not under the direction of 3'rd party software or plugins.

This addon is spam now - fraud. It is not even an addon. It's just spam 2 a 3'rd party site! Grow a spine & B honest, U clown. It's GARBAGE now.

"by cowboyecosse on February 19, 2009
Recent changes at youtube meant that downloads stopped working, the new version fixes this but does direct you to the writer's page for downloading.

At least the videos are still accessible. This is not spam as givemeaddons accuses.

I agree with dsvdave that the implementation directly of the download link would have been a better idea, cut out the extra page load!

Still giving it 5 stars as it's getting the new youtube AND it's still the best out there. "

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0).