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  • my firefox updated into Firefox Quantum and it makes me sad that i can't use this add-ons anymore because didn't meet with firefox standard. can you fix this ?? i've been using fast translation for years tho
  • When comes the update for the new Add-on-Type?
  • this is a super addon for me.
    connection error problem cause is space character end of the sentence. If you delete it you don't get error message
  • :D
  • Все отлично! Просто и без лишних свистоперделок.

    Для тех кто исптывает проблему с connection error: удалите в конце текста пробелы.
  • I have found that the "connection error" goes away if I make sure I remove all trailing whitespace from the Original Text box. That is probably a minor bug in the extension that does not check for this and results in it falling through to an error handler that is normally invoked when there really is a connection error.

    This is still the best translation extension I know.
  • I've been using 'Fast Translation' for years, my preferred translation Firefox add-on, simple, fast, not bloated. Then problems started, the add-on was updated, problems again (connection to Google) which led me to remove, re-install, remove the add-on accordingly.

    True love I guess when you always come back : I missed 'Fast Translation' after having removed it again for the same reasons mentioned here by other users, so I decided to give it a try again (same version 1.11.5) and right now all is fine, which makes me think it's only occasionally a connection problem to Google servers, for a reason I ignore ...

    Anyway, happy to be able to use it again. Hope it lasts.
  • Ну ооочень часто. Просто нереально часто неработает. Пишет connection error. Достало уже.
  • Too much, again and again, near every time that I open the translator window I receive a lil connection error message. Dear friend, if do not want receive negative reviews please just give us a better way for feedback, github would be great for the issues and feedback, but it's up to you.
    I'm love with this addon for so much time, that I can't bear part with it, but it's hard to endure.
  • Very necessary daily use, but doesn't work since last update of Firefox to Quantum version
  • Hey this is the best translation-addon I can find - it's perfect for what it does, couldn't get any better.

    Thank you so much for this!
  • Support link has no bug reporting facility for this addon. Windows 10, connection error repeatedly with Fast Translation 1.11.5. Interface looks clean, just wish I had more clues for troubleshooting than message given.
  • worked great for a few months. Now all I get is "connection problem" Have reinstalled, but no change. Please fix it. Windows 10
  • it's been a month since the add-on not working
  • simply doesn't work!!! pity because was a good extension
  • No working any more due to Google Connection Error. Please fix it asap as it is the best translating addon.
  • since Wednesday: "Connection Error, please try again"
  • Nice addon, I was desperately searching for an addon as this wich add a very simple and fast translation function to my browsing. Minimalist and powerful. Good job!
  • One of a few translators which use Babylon dictionaries, not that cutdown version of Google translate. The only thing I miss is the translation in the pop-up box.
  • The sad fact is translators are a terrible lot. The whole category stinks. This is the best one if you stick with version 1.11- and even that is screwy. They have 2 versions listed on here and only one will download- typical Mozilla.

    Stick with that version and swap Failfox for Palemoon- a vastly superior browser that maintains the spirit of what FF was years ago before Mozilla decided to run it into the ground.
    I've uploaded new version - 1.11.3, it works in Pale Moon
  • Toolbar button doesn't work anymore in Pale Moon (version 1.11.2).
    Version 1.11 is working fine.

    Version 1.11.3 is working fine. Thanks.
  • Generally a very useful and sleek add-on, when it works. But it occurs quite often that the context menu entry "Translate (auto - en)" after marking a word opens a Google Translator error page in the same tab that says "Sorry, this URL is invalid http://null/" which renders it completely useless.
  • Thanks for creating this addon - it's one of the ones I use most. Just one thing - the CTRL+SHIFT+L shortcut doesn't work on OS X, although it works fine on Ubuntu (using Firefox 40.0.3 on both platforms). Do you know how to fix this?
  • It is very helpful and extremely comfortable to use. Thanks!

    To my mind only in one detail the add-on should be improved: As mentioned by other posters too, the font-size in the pop-up window is very small.
  • I like this plugin as it works in TWO clicks only (after selecting text). But the settings of it could have also an output text font-size adjustments, as for me is too tiny so it is hard to read. As an option, I'd suggest to output translated text only (the original text by default could be (toggle) hidden), so this will make interface more spacious, so bigger font-size will fit in there...