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  • Does not work on Android

  • Не работает.

    Developer response

    All the search providers are working in testing. Can you explain how you are using it and what options you selected?

  • Could you add an option "Search on all services" on context menu when seach style is "One service at a time (separate context menu options)"?

    Developer response

    Thanks for your feedback.

    The next version will include an "On all services" option for the "One service at a time" search style. The Chrome version is already updated but the Firefox version requires approval from Mozilla which takes a few weeks.

  • thank you

  • Hello, thank you for adding yandex search can you also add support at least firefox 42?

    Developer response

    The extension was updated to use the new WebExtension API which started with Firefox version 45.

  • Working great.
    Can you add option to disable right click menu entry for searching background image?

    Developer response

    Firefox no longer allows context-menu actions for background images so they are disabled by default now.

  • Works good. FF 38.0.1
    REQUESTING OPTION: To open research tabs next to the current tab vs all the way at the right end of all the tabs.

    Developer response

    Thanks for the suggestion. As of version 1.35 there is an option to open search results next to the current tab.

  • EDIT.
    Working great now. For some reason it started re-directing to the Google Homepage, but it's suddenly started working as described. Excellent addon.
    Would be nice to if the menu text had an icon/thumbnail to help it stand out. And also an option to stop it switching to the new search tab.

    Developer response

    Thanks for the suggestions. If you encounter the issue with Google redirecting make sure all JavaScript is enabled for Google Images site and try clearing cache.

  • Added option in latest version 1.2 for using Google and TinEye as two separate context menu options is my pleasure, hoping it will accommodate other users' requirements as well (and I think it will). Thanks to the author for having taken the time to improve (IMO) an add-on which was already perfectly functional and which is now elaborated (always IMO of course!).The main thing, need to say, this version 1.2 works just fine, replacing my two previous add-ons with one, which was my wish, raised :)