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Version 1.3.2 1.5 MiB Works with Firefox 22.0 - 56.*

v 1.3.2 - Submitted 1/31/17
New Features & Improvements:

Fixed Bugs:

Code Changes:
1.) Removed unnecessary https links.

Version 1.3.1 1.5 MiB Works with Firefox 22.0 - 52.*

v 1.3.1
New Features & Improvements:
1.) Removed next SUS keyboard shortcuts CTRL+Left/Right Arrow

Fixed Bugs:
1.) Special announcements page was opening every time.

Code Changes:
1.) Added citeevidence domains to style content security policy

Version 1.2.2 1.5 MiB Works with Firefox 22.0 - 48.*

New Features & Improvements:
1.) Check and show Fact Checker Special Announcements page

Fixed Bugs:
1.) Added default timeout to HTTP requests.

Code Changes:
1.) archive.today -> archive.is
2.) Removed deprecated FUEL API usage.

Version 1.2.1 1.5 MiB Works with Firefox 22.0 - 46.*

Version 1.5 MiB Works with Firefox 22.0 - 37.0

New Features & Improvements:
1.) Suss'd link flagging for search engines: Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo
2.) Updated suss'd link flag icons
3.) Removed the "Shift" key from the hotket combinations.
Goto next SUS: CTRL->Right Arrow
Goto previous SUS: CTRL->Left Arrow
Toggle sidebar: CTRL->Spacebar
The CTRL key is also used on Mac keyboards.
4.) Changed sus alert icon

Fixed Bugs:
1.) Missing icon in context menu.
2.) SUS not found resulted in blank sidebar content.

Version 1.5 MiB Works with Firefox 22.0 - 43.*

New Features & Improvements:
1.) Show quick start wiki page after install.
2.) Added the sidebar which is essential for video SUS and non-text pages (some pdf files, graphics, etc.) and when an article has been edited to change or remove the SUS.
3.) Improve page observer code.
4.) Clean-up config prefs during uninstall.
5.) Save/restore auto connect option to preferences.
6.) Style update.
1.) Button displayed progress icon forever if server connection failed.
2.) SUS indicators numbered in reverse.
3.) Don't flag dup links.

Version 1.5 MiB Works with Firefox 22.0 - 39.0

New Features/Improvements
1.) Improved observer code to support sites using pushState, such as Twitter, Youtube, etc.
2.) Performance tuning for large web pages.
3.) Only flag the same suss'd link once per page.
4.) Styling fixes.

1.) ReferenceError: url is not defined in cite.
2.) Only updated version if there were entries for the filter.
3.) Fixed DB manager state set during bloss updates.
4.) Various bugs.