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  • It's been over two (almost three) years since this add-on (and the others which fixed this annoying problem) last worked, and have been stuck with Facebook's horrible theater mode since! Tried this add-on with no luck at all. Did the developer fall asleep at the switch since then or something!? FIX THIS PLEASE! If not, than pull it, or hand it over to someone who will!
  • Causes a sea of error dialog boxes
  • Doesn't work at all anymore. That being said, the developer needs to pull it if he has no intentions of updating.
  • The option within FB to override the 'Theater' mode (aka Lightbox) for images by just refreshing the page, or opening in new tab, has disappeared recently, no doubt due to FB code changes. I've tried this extension, but it fails to solve the problem, so I'd agree with ShamelessMan that it appears to be in need of an update
  • Solly but this stopped doing what it did. Any chance of updating the code?
  • I'm glad that it works, thank you so much. I hate theater mode.
  • I used to rely on this. That theater thing is so-o-o awful!Now I can echo exactly what user MrEd has written: "Just within the last few days there was an update to something, Java I believe. This caused FF to start throwing out the error
    "Error: Illegal operation on WrappedNative prototype object."
    Fix? Quick? (P.S. I have FF 22.0.)
    Post revised, 6July2013: Have been testing new version 1.2, linked by developer below. At first it seemed fine again. But now accessing a FB comment via the globe icon at the top of the FB page generates this other error:

    "Error: document.body is null"

    Thanks for working on it!
    Hi, Sorry for the trouble. The new updated version 1.2 has been submitted for review.
  • Just within the last few days there was an update to something, Java I believe. This caused FF to start throwing out the error Error: Illegal operation on WrappedNative prototype objectThis is a really cool addon, please fix it. This Facebook theatre photo crap sucks.
    Since the 1.2 install, I've been using for a bit now and can confirm seeing that error
    "Error: document.body is null"
    However, I've only seen it once in FF Ver22

    ...and yes, thanks for working on it!!!
  • The images comes whit a better quality on my FF 7.01.
    The PhotoTheater gives 470x470px and with this extension they become 720x720px . Great.
  • Simple et efficace, marche très bien avec FF 11, merci!
    De plus on retrouve l'option "définir comme photo de profil" qui avait disparu avec ce theater. :-))
  • Add-on installed great for getting the 'photo theater-view' resolved. Now I can't 'Tag Photos' anymore since I loaded it :( Why is that?
  • I am unable to download and install because the add on seems to be unavailable. There is a connection failure with addons.mozilla.org. Will it again be available?
    Hi, The addon has been updated
  • Great add-on ... but I can't download it on my new computer! The link is broken.
  • Works fine on Firefox 6 on Windows 7, but has problems in Firefox 7b4 on Windows 7. Issues on Firefox 6 AND 7b4 for Ubuntu.

    Theater pops up way too much for my liking anyway.
  • Needs an update for the new Facebook viewer. The image number (within the album) and important links are missing.
  • Thanks so much! Facebook Photo Theater has slowed my computer for the last time! :)
  • funciona a la perfeccion
  • When you use facebook you need this add-on. Period. :)
  • Perfect addon. New Facebook PhotoTheater is pain in the ass. Thanks for the great addon.
  • Only one word; Perfection
  • I was looking for a way to disable this theatre feature in my facebook page.. Many thanks Sujithkumar.
  • though this extension does do what it claims to do, and it's great at it, it does break CmdWhich I use when viewing pics all the time.
  • thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    works perfectly with Firefox 4.
    No facebook stupid theater feature.
  • Can't see any problems with it.
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