Ehh... not super happy. Might uninstall Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I'm using FF14 and this app does not appear to work, and there is no support that I can find either here or @you all's home page. Disappointing, and uninstalling unless I get a response that explains what in the world an RDS file (or whatever that was you told the other person to do below me) is and how to do it. Please remember that while YOU ALL are experts, few of US are (and please accept my apologies for yelling... just frustrated).

Thanks and kind regards,
/Lover of the Fibonacci Sequence/

P.S. Again, please accept my apologies! I just noticed that it was Dutch Guy who commented to Reijo Koskela instructing him/her to perform the RDS whatchadoodle, unless that's one of you all.

On a different note, it does not appear that any of you all have responded to /anyone's/ reviews/complaints here since at least 2010, so I'll do your legwork for you and look up this mysterious RDS malarky and post the instructions here for the people who are trying to use your darned Add-On @FF.

If my family had not raised me to be polite I sure would delete my apologies to you all.

Thanks so much.