139 reviews
  • Opens links to ads and other sites. No video download available
  • It worked but created ISP technical issues, or perhaps anti-virus or Firewall issues
  • Just opens a link to their website. Doesn't download private videos.
  • The link dose not work if they want users to use there sofeware they better fix there link
  • Fing B S jt scammers. Bull Sh t!
  • Garbage doesn't work
  • It does not work to download private grup videos
  • ok
  • Useless, takes to a webpage...
  • .
  • Instantly messed up the videos. Forced them out of frame. Disabled. Problem went away. No idea about the ad redirects or whether it even works as intended. Messed up videos was enough reason to remove.
  • no hace nada
  • Nope. It did nothing.
  • Doesn't work. Klicking on Download does nothing.
    From reading the reviews here it should bring to a spam site but since I use various ad and tracking blockers, this prevents this plugin to do that. Either way, this is unusable and malicious plugin.