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  • no working. just open a ad pop-up.
  • не працює
  • 404 error
  • Cannot find server. Useless
  • I gave this one 2 stars. It works, but you need patience placing your mouse pointer trying to click the "download video" button which is almost overlaid with the "back to news feed" link... but once you get past that part, a new tab will open where the video will load with Format options (as MP3 or MP4)... click to select your option, and a yellow "DOWNLOADING" progress box will appear. Meanwhile, a new tab will open Re-Directing you to spam sites and click-bait "Firefox Update" links... if you're not quick that re-direct tab will open in full-screen view and a stubborn click box will appear, no matter how many times you click Cancel. So, you have to close that re-direct tab IMMEDIATELY before it goes full-screen view. Back at the download page, the yellow progress box will turn fully bright and change to SAVE FILE... click it and you'll be able to save your downloaded video. Good luck with all of this. I wish a better plugin were made WITHOUT all the click-bait advertiser nonsense.
  • OK
  • Actually works for private videos. Great webextension.
  • doesn't work for me neither, none of the buttons inside or outside the video
  • Finally something that works for private videos! But it makes the videos stay small, can't do a fullscreen with the add-on turned on :/
  • the only one that i found that i can use to download videos from closed groups
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