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  • Good
  • It hasn't showed me antrhing so far. I guess thats a good thing lol
  • Not working
  • It does NOT show WHO unfriends you, it just shows the numbers of plus and minus friends. Nothing more.
    Behind of it - coming hidden promo and adds of block adblock.
  • Good
  • good
  • 不會用
    臉書沒有出現Unfriend Finder的捷徑
  • I feel this is misleading. Each time I receive a notice that someone has unfriended me, I click to see who it is. Instead a message comes up promoting an app called, "BlockAdblocker". I disabled all ad blockers, & "unfriender" still did not do its job while still promoting "BlockAdblocker". So I hope this note is still published. If there is some answer to this app's problem, let us all know.
  • lustige Idee und es funktioniert..
  • useless
  • I never had a problem using this plugin but unfortunately it's not available for Chrome anymore and I hope that I can use this in the future. Thanks
  • probably tries to steal your data. Do not install!
  • Versions 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 not work in Firefox 43.0.4, :-( was a great extension.
    It works perfectly for me on firefox 43.0.4 with unfriend finder 1.3.2.

    Can you tell me what is the error you're getting ?
  • I'd like to file a bug report, but there's no info here about how to get in touch.
    So I posted it here:
    unfriend finder 1.2.4
    firefox 42.0
    Windows 7
    Thank you for your valuable review. It helps up to make Unfriend Finder much better for all users. In fact, we have considered your review and updated our extension to issue some problems you have cited.
    Please update your browser extension.
  • Two days after I installed this addon, I made a new friend. The button in the toolbar changed. I was curious so I clicked on the button. Bad mistake. Firefox now opened up hundreds of new tabs, probable one for each friend.


    Edit: Seems to work a lot better now :)
    We have updated the extension! All the bugs are fixed now ! thanx for reporting :)