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  • Gut
  • I tried disabling my U-Block and it STILL keeps telling me I need to disable my ad blocker. Not cool. I'll wait a couple of days and try again and if it still acts up, I'll delete it.
  • It works. Sometimes says a friend is deactivated when they are not. New dashboard looks great. I don't mind the ads for such a useful extension. I've been using this over a year and it's been through a lot of changes.
  • Not sure what has happened but in the last week it doesn't work at all. Sad face
  • сьогодні цей додаток повідомив мені, що всі френди зненацька одночасно розфрендили мене
  • I never had a problem using this plugin but unfortunately it doesn´t work anymore. I hope that I can use this in the future. Thanks Amine
  • garbage !!! opens only ads
  • Enabling the add-on triggered a pop-up advertising a Google Chrome extension.
  • does not work anymore , uninstalled then reinstalled . it shows no friends therefor no one has deleted me , it does say that in am not connected on the icon for the app. and firefox is open and working.
  • Error
  • I think this thing is glitchy. Every couple of days, it tells me a friend has unfriended me and then re-friended me shortly after. This has happened easily half a dozen times now - always the same friend. I asked this friend if they'd been unfriending and then re-friending me or messing with the settings on their account, and they say they have not. I believe her - I get along well with this person - but unfriend finder keeps popping up saying she's unfriended and then re-friended me.
    Additionally, when clicking the 'help' button - nothing happens. It's completely unresponsive.
  • luwuk ok
  • Itu aja dulu, kalo sukses di tambah lg
  • Me dice siempre que he perdido todos mis amigos.