74 reviews
  • No longer works, hasn't for about a week now.
  • parou de funcionar
  • Works great WHEN IT FEELS LIKE IT... It'll definitely tell you someone is gone, but good luck getting to find out WHO because, more often than not, it refuses to connect to the server.
  • In serious need of an update. No longer works.
  • Doesn't work anymore :(
  • Does not work
  • It stopped working.
  • Won't even open now.
  • It used to work but suddenly stopped
  • mantap
  • It isn't working
  • Cette extension était très utile lorsque celle ci fonctionnait mais ce n'est plus le cas depuis qq temps .
    La connexion au serveur MySQL0 n'a pas abouti : No such file or directory
  • It doesn't work any more for some reason... Any alternatives? I started using didsheunfriend.com
  • Still need a way to get rid of the "deactivated" stats, and who add me. Needs a filter.
    And also, there's an annoying bug that insist to show show you the notification until you see twice.

    But still, works fine.