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  • Esta chiidq
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  • facebook logo did not load to toolbar.??
  • It stopped working nad I have trie 10 time re installing and it still does NOT work ... very dissapointed... bummer
  • love it
  • Gutes Addon!! Danke
  • After re-installing the facebook button again for about the third time it has returned i have disabled updates this time so hopefully it will not disappear again.
  • Five stars when it works, and one when it doesn't..( should have been NO STARS) but for some reason it refused to accept no stars... Had this button for a long long time and it has never let me down....until now....Now, it lets me down (by disappearing) once a week ... What's happening?
  • Facebook add-on button keeps disappearing for no reason. Re-install and still doesn't show up. This has been going on all day today.
  • Just installed the latest version 49.4. Says it installed but it's not in my add on list or on my tool bar. Really miss the button.
  • A month ago my toolbar button for Facebook started disappearing. It comes back once in a while but mainly it is gone
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