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62 reviews for this add-on
  • Top Tool! THX!

  • good one

  • Works fine, thank you!

  • Good

  • muy bueno!!

  • Working again
    i love this plugin

  • no more to say "COOL EXTENSION"

  • Muy útil como evito entrar en FB y para poder escribir un mensaje con un teclado normal.

  • Super module, exactement ce que je rechercher. Petite idée pour une futur évolution : Pouvoir réduire la fenêtre sans forcement la fermer pourrai être sympa :)

  • 5 stars from me. It puts it in a resizable sidebar that's INSIDE the browser's window, not a separate window. And it even gives you the option to MAKE IT a separate window, if you like it that way. How cool is that. Makes it easier to play SHSO and chat with my FB friends while doing so. Thanks! :)

  • esta bueno solo que no puedo ver donde envio los sms :(

  • Pervect!

  • Brilliant

  • ok

  • Just a click to open and close, but I would like to be able to undock it from FF window, to have it as a separate window.

  • Now Its very easy to Chat with friends and Audio Video Calls through Facebook messenger its is Very Usefull application

  • Works beautifully. Only thing missing is the archive chat function, but I think that's probably because of the way Facebook works. :) Thanks a ton, dev!

  • Since I already reviewed this add-on as very-very useful, I would like to share that there are some scripts along with "Stylish" add-on that can complement this add-on.

    In order to hide the contacts list completely and show on mouse-over:

    Just to show the images of the contacts (and also show on mouse-over):
    (and yes, this is by me)

  • very usefull

  • just what iwas looking for. now i can chat without the need of being on facebook all the time!
    just one thing is missing, the option of hide the list of friends :(

  • Muito bom! :D . Muito melhor o Firefox com esse complemento :D.
    Português - Brasil.

  • Exceptional work :-)
    Thank you

  • bon

  • Very very very useful.
    I stay on Firefox only for this addon.
    If other browers have similiar counterparts, I will walk away.

  • indispensabel hoy en dia y siempre