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  • This add-on worked great when I first installed it, but performance has declined for no apparent reason. Uninstalling has not helped.

    Notifications worked perfectly the first few weeks. The only thing that would improve the add-on would've been a volume control, because the notification sound isn't very loud. Later - without installing new add-ons or updating anything - notifications seemed to completely stop. Now notifications are extremely sporadic, and I can't seem to figure out why I get them sometimes and not others.

    Animated gifs stopped working in this add-on a few weeks after that. They still work on messenger.com, but in the add-on I just get broken images, even when clicking on them. Again, I haven't done anything that would explain this.

    I keep this add-on because few and unreliable notifications are better than none. There's no other add-on I've found that can do Fb Messenger notifications. My alternatives then are this, an always visible sidebar (I'm looking for something that's hidden, so that doesn't work for me) or skinning Messenger so it doesn't look like what it is. None of these options are particularly good, but this seems like the lesser evil. I can only hope that some day it completely randomly starts working properly again.
  • keine anmeldung mögliche,wenn man eine 2 stufige authifizierung hat, heisst wenn man eine sms aufs handy bekommt und diese nummer eingeben muss zum anmelden. daher ist das addon nutzlos. ein stern. addon gelöscht
  • Useless
  • Support lastest FF version please
  • Unused at all (hang the browser).
  • Do not under any circumstances install this addon. It takes about a minute to get the browser responsive enough to disable it.

    I recommend "Web View for Messenger" instead.
    Or "App for Messenger" if you prefer a popup window to a toolbar panel.
  • Susah
  • doesn't work, goes blank instantly
  • Thanks you
  • Win 10 64 Anniversary, opens blank (doesn't seem to load) also logged in via messenger.com first but didn't help.
  • Muy buena, Se ve que sois personas legales. La verdad es que necesito unos cuantos complementos de firefoxmotzilla. Y si esto me sale bien...firexfox será mi navegador para siempre.
  • EN | Very good Addons, the best at what it does (or did). But there are 2 huge problems :
    - firstly, this addon uses SO MUCH memory (my Firefox just used more than 2GO of Memory with this addon and few little other)
    - secondly, this addon just stopped working few days after the instalation. I've tried to uninstal it, and to re-instal it, but nothing happened. The popup is always white and anything work.
    I hope that this addon will work again later, and i hope the developpers will take a look at this submission to work on this problem.

    FR | Super Addons, le meilleur pour ce qu'il propose, (ou proposait). Il y a 2 gros problèmes :
    - premièrement, cet Addon consomme chez moi, énormément de RAM. En effet, Firefox a dépassé les 2go d'utilisation de mémoire (dans le gestionnaire des tache), et cela est dû en grande partie à cet addon.
    - deuxièmement, cet addon s'est arrêté de fonctionné quelque jours après son installation. Je ne sais pas pourquoi ni comment, mais le popup/la box de Messenger est maintenant uniquement blanche et rien ne marche.
    Malgré avoir désinstallé et réinstallé cet Addon, rien à faire, rien ne fonctionne.

    J'espère que cela va remarcher un jour si les developpeurs se penchent sur ce problème.
  • Nice
  • C x
  • Happened at yesterday, this addon is too slow to crash my firefox when startup....
  • This absolutely destroyed my browser, bringing it to a screeching halt. I am admittedly, not using the world's greatest computer, but I think any add-on should have minimal to no adverse effects on the browsing experience. This has it in spades. Took me 4-5 minutes after installing it just to be able to navigate to my Add-Ons and remove it.

    I'll wait for a smaller, smoother version.
  • I love being able to separate messenger from the rest of Facebook. Going to my facebook page can often be a time sink, even if I only intended to read a message. It is also not as fast. I also love being able to search the conversation for past words and messages. I've always wanted this in other messaging apps. Additionally, there is a bank of past images sent in a conversation, which makes those reachable as well. Great for checking addresses, cool pictures, and other things of that nature.

    The add-on would be fantastically usable if the window didn't disappear whenever you select another program or even just when you send an image. This made it very frustrating when I attempted to copy down an order number for my mom from a screenshot taken on my computer. I also wish that when I hovered over a persons photo that their name would pop up, so I don't have to select through people to find them. The pictures are small and I can't remember them all.

    All in all good extension but some small changes could make it great.
  • Great addon but the only thing keeping me from using it is no option for keeping it always on top (not minimizing when browsing).
    I tried making a feature request on the official site of the addon but it kept saying invalid entries.
    I will update my review if this is added.
  • This is one of the greatest extensions out there on Firefox! I could easily check my Messenger feed w/o being distracted by alerts and do my work at the same time!
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