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  • A must have for any browser. Thank you Mozilla for doing this.
  • I love this extension! As a cool side-effect I now work more efficiently because I keep opening the right container for the right goal, work, personal, Facebook... Only thing (on windows) is that the shortcut CTRL+. (period) is also an shortcut for one-password. But the container extension shortcut overrules this. Maybe I can change this in one-password. But I though it was worth mentioning.
  • It does what it says in the name. It's effectively like a virtual machine that only affects Facebook. It loads anything related to Facebook into the container, like comments and like buttons on external sites. Of course, it's not perfect, and Facebook *could* still track you in some ways, but that's why you should use this in combination with Tracking Protection, and other add-ons like Privacy Badger.

    Only reason I'd recommend against this add-on is if you absolutely have to use Facebook login on some sites, as that likely won't work. I'd advise just switching to a password login if possible.
  • very good thank you!
  • its very good, it would be perfect to generalize it to the rest of the privacy trackers, I mean not only to fb.

  • Why it not support mobile version of the firefox?
  • This isn't just stopping facebook but stopping Yahoo from posting all those annoying ads while I read my mail. They have asked me to remove it. HA.
  • I'm pretty sure it is good (no problems so far, using it for several months), but found it even better just deleting my FB account. :D
  • Tab opened in new Container will be very slow
  • Yes just today added app
  • I have no idea how to use this device and want only to find a way to get rid of it.
  • Since installing Facebook Container, almost all ads have disappeared from Facebook. More importantly, ads from sites I shopped for or viewed items for purchase stopped following around. Highly recommended.
  • Facebook is constantly proving that it's not a good neighbor! The more protection the better!
  • Well I can't honestly write a review because I've not used it yet. I don't understand why different companies wants you to rate them at the first when you don't know how it will be.
  • Если заявленный функционал соответствует фактическому, то дополнение замечательное.
  • I suppose it works just fine. Previously I saw Facebook ad based on my searches even when I was not using FB. I didn't see any annoying ads of such kind on Firefox Quantum.
  • It works!
  • Excellent performance!
  • cool!!
  • Great extension, would like to see a similar addon but for Google.
  • Smart plugin that works well
  • This extension does not install on Firefox Quantum v 62.0. Hopefully will be fixed.
  • very intresting
  • Nice
  • Probably the add-on I have been looking for ages! Good job and keep it up!