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  • Ikjob
  • love it!
  • This is a benefit to the web and hopefully helps convince Facebook that they need far more transparency and disclosure.
  • Love tools that help increase transparency and accountability of political ad spending - this is a great and easy way to help do that!
  • I like the extension, but it's slowing down my FB News Feed.

    I also notice that nearly all the "ads I'm seeing" are regular ads from businesses. However, when I look at the "ads others are seeing" nearly all of them are political ads. They actually say they are sponsored by a particular campaign or PAC.

    I'm actually wondering if my contribution here is worthwhile, given the inputs I'm given. It might be more useful to include more political ads in the "ads I'm seeing" and more business/commercial ads in the "ads others are seeing." The current version seems too predictable.
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