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  • Tekst w pasku adresu jest koloru białego... na białym tle, gdy motyw kolorystyczny Firefoxa ustawiony jest na "Zwarty jasny". W związku z tym, że kolor tekstu jest biały, tło paska jest białe, to tekst jest niewidoczny. / The text in the address bar is white... on a white background when Firefox's color theme is set to "compact". Because the color of the text is white, the background of the bar is white, the text is not visible.
  • DO NOT INSTALL - contains spyware
  • Takes over some settings. Open gateway for adware and personal information harvest. Almost impossible to delete.
    Like Colorful Tabs, a once promising add-on gone horribly wrong.

    It is shocking that Mozilla cares so little about this kind of user abuse. Purely irresponsible behavior for them to offer this implied endorsement of what are essentially criminal enterprises.
  • This used to be the best colored-tab addon for Firefox. It's fallen hard since then. Now it's just an abandoned, ad/tracker-ridden, broken piece of software. Seriously, have some pride in your work developer...
  • Wonderful addon... until you read the privacy policy, no seriously READ IT, kudos for not hiding or lying... but saving PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION is a no no for me.
  • Looks fine however not with the curved Australis tab design (see screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/TzzNYek.png). Would be great to have an updated version that takes the Australis tab shape into account when colorizing it.
  • DO NOT INSTALL - contains wips.com SPYWARE

    by atomizer on November 20, 2014 · permalink · translate

    mozilla should not allow extensions like this

    users do not want not be tracked

    please click the "Report Abuse" link and complain to mozilla - if this garbage does not violate their policies, THEN THOSE POLICIES NEED TO BE CHANGED! tell them how you feel!
  • Just install "Classic Theme Restorer" addon and this extension becomes beautiful and useful agian.
  • Really needs an update for new firefox. colours are now obvious rectangle and active tabs are unreadable and white. playing with the setting only amends this slightly. THIS USED TO BE GREAT
  • This doesn't work!
    Everything's blue!
    I have firefox updated...
  • However... It now affects the colour of the Bookmark Toolbar depending on the site visited. Not so good, in certain cases it makes the Bookmarks almost unreadable.
  • Was great until version 1.4.7, and then became an adware vehicle after that update. Currently not compatible with the new UI in Firefox 29.
  • Adware.
  • I really appreciate your explanation of why/how you came up with this. HOWEVER; it IS ad-ware and the developer should make this clear!! If you like it, use it... ... ...but caveat emptor!!
  • *bump* above the 'positive' comments..

    "WARNING IT'S ADWARE! Rated 1 out of 5 stars

    by Mark on March 12, 2013 · permalink

    This ADD-ON contains aggresive Adware that displays Ads on other websites!
    It seems that all ADD-ONS from this company are infected with Adware/Spyware.

    P.s. The picture of the dev is just a stocksphoto that can be found on many other sites."
  • Very cool! My tabs are now beautiful. I have even made a video (on Youtube) to celebrate your add-on ^^ The strong point of this add-on is that even if almost websites are white, FabTabs does not fall into the trap. And tabs aren't white.

    One of the features you should add is "look" at the favicon too. You know, the small image next to a website (for addons.mozilla.org it's a green puzzle). It would be cool.
  • 很有趣的插件,感谢作者。
  • Very good, in fact I like IE11 color scheme, But I almost don't use IE. Most headache is the current TAB is hard to see, see IE11, let the current TAB to add some white.
  • Very handy tool it was. Chroma tabs did not work anymore so:
    Fab tabs. And that's is a nice one of that kind too.
    Suddenly no colour anymore in Fab tabs.
    'Compatabillity problem' says a compatabillity checker here.

    I use FF for the extentions, but witht updates etc. often something breaks.... Which I do hate very much I have to say. Ik makes me give the browser a maximum of 6 on the scale from 0 (bad) to 10 (great). When one has to work with tings...
    I try mostly to avoid updating FF, but for safety's sake...
  • It's really great, except for one thing. Can you make it so I'm able to set a custom colour of my choosing instead of one taken from the page? Because when there are popup bars at the top of the page it gets the colour wrong or if the main colour of the site isn't at the top or is in a different place on different websites, then it just looks silly.
  • Just colors the tabs but still makes Firefox look even better nice work
  • Interesting to add the colors. Not sure how it figures out what to add. Unfortunately, as soon as wizeshoppy joined the add on, I dumped it. It was really intrusive.
  • love it
  • This ADD-ON contains aggresive Adware that displays Ads on other websites!
    It seems that all ADD-ONS from this company are infected with Adware/Spyware.

    P.s. The picture of the dev is just a stocksphoto that can be found on many other sites.
  • I don't know if it's always contained malware (Wize Shoppy) but it certainly does now!