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  • I have tried this, and Night Mode Pro by Elen Norphen. That one is a 0.0.1 release and not perfect, but beats this one (that should be mature, it's in its 2.3.5 version!) by 4 stars to 2.

    Avoid this one. or if you don't trust this review, try both add-ons personally, and judge yourself :)
    Hi friend, we respect your choice, if you do not like our effort, you can feedback us which points are not satisfied you, or just leave it. but please do not use this way to prompt your add-on.
  • A great and confortable add-on that works without major flaws in the latest Firefox 38,despite some pages not having a big difference and the mode on making it hard to see the interface and icons properly.

    However using Nightly it might be a bit annoying to use it's GUI and a reboot/forced update might be needed,not to mention that unlike in the "normal" Firefox,in Nightly you need to refresh the page.
  • Just installed this but wow! I can't stand the blaring white and low contrast that almost all websites seem to like to use. Up until now I have been forced to use a custom setting that was buried deep inside the firefox preferences which was very slow. It also would not work very well with displaying pictures.
    Now with this it is only a click away on my toolbar and the dark theme works very well and if it doesn't, well another click and I'm back to glaring white. No hassle.
    I would agree with other reviews though. It could be darker...or even customizable!
  • Nice and useful tool.
    Doesn't work fine on some web site like these AMO pages.
    The background color is too light in my opinion, I suggest a dark gray similar to #242223.
  • Its is not working when "Never remember history" is enabled
  • ottima
  • Seems to work OK - but I have somehow hidden the toolbar button; and now I cannot get it back and therefore cannot use this addon any more. Uninstalling / reinstalling did not help. I don't like to report things here, but I found no email address or links to a forum to report this.
  • Nice work on the addon. However, It doesn't work completely on some sites. Some areas of the page (especially section borders) appear white when they really should be darkened. Try this out on the mozilla addons page and see. Please improve it.
  • i was looking for a add-on like this,
    unfortunetly it does not work in PaleMoon 25
  • I like this addon. It's really good for the eyes.

    And I have two suggestions for future versions:

    1- Timer function for auto on-off.

    2- Blacklist option to exclude problematic websites.
  • Отличное дополнение, но есть недоработки, даже первая проверка на этом сайте дополнений Firefox показывает, есть что улучшать :)
  • It works for the most popular sites; Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. but there are plenty it won't work on like Google.
  • Надо доработать. А так конечно полезное дополнение.
  • poor dosent work
  • Doesn't do the job...
  • Inconsistent behavior. To bad, since it is a needed add-on.
  • I was looking for this kind of addon for many days. I use Hacker Vision in Chrome and this addon is very much similar. This addon is working well so far however some improvements are needed. Here are my issues with this addon:

    1. When using certain websites like nytimes, wikipedia etc.. logos and icons disappear. Is it possible to make the logos not disappear? I think "Hacker vision" extension in Chrome shows the correct behavior.

    2. Text could be made brighter when using this addon.

    This addon is licensed as GPL V3 license. However I could not find any source code. Where is the source code located?

    Regardless of these issues, I am satisfied with this addon so far.
  • Works fine, need to reboot your browser.
  • This is great for guarding my vision, and it makes me a ninja browser in the office!

    I use this addon along with ImageBlock 2.1, f.lux, and dimmed RGB monitor settings for a fully comfy and stealthy viewing experience.

    Awesome addon, keey up the awesome work!
  • I don't know if it needs updated or what, doesn't work.
  • Good Add on :)
  • it's nice addon ,& i use it often,but it could be improved as we can't see pictures on buttons like,hide private results button in google search,which has a picture of grey globe on it.
  • Nice addon!
  • Sites with simple layout and text (example: http://clientsfromhell.net): works very good
    Sites with complex layout (example: addons.mozilla.org right here): looks ugly.