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  • I like this add-on when it was working. Because it was such a good add-on but not is a not working in Firefox Nightly 55 and... it is disabled because it is not comparable with e10s.
    Please this add-on is disabled.. because it is not compatible with mulltiprocess. Please make this add-on compatible with mulltiprocess... so this add-on can be used. Thank you
  • It's pretty good, it doesn't just do a silly negative of colours like other plugins, which makes for much better results. But for some reason, it destroys the Twitch video player, so that's a bit of an issue. It works with YouTube... But not with Twitch.
  • I would like a white list or, like Bzu loves to say, a bright list.
  • I am really satisfied with the darkening mechanism. It works great with most, if not all, the websites I browse.

    Some features I would want are about when to turn this on/off.
    1. It will be nice to have it turn on by default. Right now I work around this by using the timer to make it always on.
    2. White list (or should we say, "bright list"): This can be extremely useful and lets the add-on get away with not working on some special website. Just exclude them and let the user find some other way to darken them, maybe through Stylish

    Absolutely 5 stars if those features were added
  • its simple ,easy & useful .... developer can add a hook along with dark compact theme of mozilla to Night Mode Eye Guard ,then will be awesome ... everything will go dark .... thanks
  • This has been a good tool. I can enjoy reading my forums again with minimum eye fatigue! Thank You for a great add on!
  • Overall pretty good, but cumbersome to use. You have to click on the icon, and then enable it in the drop down menu, rather than just clicking the icon. Aside from that, there also is no white list for websites that you do not want to enable it on, which essentially makes it too much of a hassle to use.
  • I tried all the other night-mode add-ons, and this is one is the best. Hands down.

    Website logos appear normally, whereas other night-mode add-ons make them disappear or color-invert them (see my last point under PROS).

    Contrast is excellent. Background darkness is adjustable, and text is not too bright. Other add-ons make the text a bright white, which is painful; while others do have a small selection of text colors, but those add-ons suffer in other aspects.

    SVG files are still visible! I look up math topics on Wikipedia all the time, and other night mode add-ons don't show the math formulas at all (which are in svg format). This is very important to me, and was a major deciding factor. No other add-on I tested accomplished this!

    Converting pages to night mode is very fast. Not all night add-ons are fast in their conversions of webpages.

    Image files embedded in webpages are NOT color-inverted! They are simply dimmed, until you hover on them or click them. Some add-ons create weird, color-inverted negatives of images.

    Firefox themes are overridden. Firefox's title bar will turn gray, and the tool bar and page tabs will take on the Night-mode background color you have chosen. It looks great, but you will not be able to enjoy any Firefox theme you have installed while in Night-mode. The theme returns as soon as you revert back to Day-mode. It would be nice to keep my theme.

    The stars for rating this add-on were invisible and I had to revert to Day-mode to see them. Very minor inconvenience, but worth mentioning to the developer.

    Currently doesn't work in Privacy Mode. Minor inconvenience.

    All in all, I would very strongly recommend this add-on. Some of the other add-ons have some of the PROS I mentioned, but none have all the PROS. This is the one you want.
  • 可以设置定时
    还可以设置颜色 赞
  • Please, add text darkness! If you do, I'd change max rating/
  • It doesn't work in private browsing... Why? >:|
  • Title. Some websites like YouTube are horribly disfigured by this addon
  • This is perfect for nighttime usage as it makes webpages easier on the eyes. It sometimes requires a page refresh to get it to work, but otherwise perfect.
  • I have no idea what the hell is everyone going on about. The app works great for me and the automatic timer works like a charm
  • It does not change the webpage but only the firefox tabs
  • Não vale a pena, é apenas um tema mal feito para deixar o FireFox preto.
  • Is not working useless pissa sh*t!
  • Firefox crashed and the addon icon is now gone and I can't start night mode any other way. Also, very stupid that you can't add the addon icon wherever you want from the customise box.

    Also, why do some page flash clear white when the page/tab loads. That spoils the whole point of 'night mode'. And sometimes it stays white for 20-30 seconds while the page loads.

    Deleting and looking for something else that just works.
  • there is an extension for chrome called "care your eyes".

    it allows you to customize the page background,text,link,body,table,block and lists colors.

    it would be nice to have similar functionality in this addon in firefox.
  • While it does an OK job of rendering the much required darkness, it doesn't work in a private browsing mode and not all websites are properly supported. :( Hope they improve the support.
  • I am a low vision computer user who still relies on print rather than a screen reader. Black text on a white background can often be rather painful for me. I love the newest update that allows the toggle to stay the way it has been set even when Firefox has been totally closed. This saves me so much time and eye pain. I agree with another reviewer who suggested a shortcut key. That would make things just that much better. Not all graphics (the rating "picker" on this page, for example) render properly, and sometimes you need to turn the add-on off and back on, on the fly. Being able to set that up via a keyboard shortcut would help so much. If nothing else, then providing an entry in the context menu would work.
    Thanks for the great add-on!
  • Works perfectly with the normal version of Firefox BUT it does not work with Firefox Portable.
  • Works very well for me. Not so sure about the "cloud" upload/ download-feature.
    Nevertheless a shortcut to enable/ disable the Nightmode would be very nice to have and much preferred over clicking. :)
  • The white flash that happens when changing to a new tab/opening new address is not a bug, its something inside Firefox, you can "fix" it by modifying userChrome.css, tabbrowser tabpanels { background-color: black !important; }
    Or go to settings and elements, turn black the background, this unfortunately breaks some pages that don't specify a background.
    I use GlassMyFox add-on and makes my about:blank a glass so I no longer have this problem and don't need the fix.

    Also the sites that don't look right like addons.mozilla.org is not because this add-on doens't work, there are some elements like backgorund images and javascript/flash elements that can't be easily turn black. But hey, 90% of the web and 90% of the page blacked out is good enough for me!
  • The best night mode app. Others are only color inverters making images useless with random colors and they don't function in hotmail e.g. Night Mode Pro. They cut contents from user view. I had to completely disable the night mode pro extension to make hotmail work. This one works perfect with hotmail. Few websites such as mozilla plugins pages have glitches such as structure so don't expect it to work 100% and thats already stated by the dev. Anyway, this only occurs on heavy graphical webpages with lots of images where a nighmode is not needed. Plus, you can disable the filter without the need to go in firefox settings and disable the whole extension like others. Wikipedia works A+ with this. I like this addon also because of its felxibility/features giving users the options to select brightness level and time ; not only an on/off switch.
    Thanks for the great lightweight addon and looking forward for updates and improvements!