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  • So, Im having a couple of weird bugs with this in 60.9.0esr (32-bit being mandatory for me for hangouts phone). I leave it on all the time, and it has started rendering sites even whiter than they would normally be. This is only corrected by the very awkward process of turning night mode on and back off for each site. It also appears to be making whole pages unreadable on the gizmodo family of sites (the text and background are white, same with links) - this stays an issue with it on or off, just have to load them in another browser for now. I use this as a portable version, so if you wish to test it on this, its easy to grab the portable.
  • 很好速度很快,
  • Can you add a HOTKEY toggle for on/off?
  • Simple and useful, but some buttons are hidden into the darkness. Need to fix that issue to be perfect.
  • Спасибо СУПЕР!!!
  • Good. Sometimes it hides some text from webpage
  • Good.

    It does seem to always block the background image unlike the top rated "special algorithm" night mode addon (leaving a bit around the edges which is OK, I guess).

    Darkening the main image somewhat until mouse-over is a good idea.

    Some night mode addons use a black mask that kills the "previous" and "next" buttons on some web-comic websites rendering them useless. The very dark brown that this addon uses leaves those buttons juuust visible, so this is better than those. It *would* be nice if this addon had a control to raise the light level of that brown a bit because it is *very* dark.
  • Yes
  • When I switch to a tab after enabling Night Mode, it's already dark. No jarring flashes of white! It makes the pages look a little weird, but that's okay. I like the dark gray background over the stark 100% inversion of other add-ons.
  • please update for Firefox Quantum, I can't live without this extension,too!
    it was updated to compatible with quantum+, just go get the new version and enjoy it.
  • pelase update to last fireforx
  • I'm another 55 user, who uses other apps at same time (what your other 55 user meant by "multiprocesses"?).
    Don't blame the author of this extension for Mozilla's idiocy- they always had a problem with the structure of FF extensions (their being continually broken by new versions) and now they've shot us all in the foot.
  • error on videos youtube
  • error video
  • Fantastic