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  • 很好速度很快,
  • Can you add a HOTKEY toggle for on/off?
  • Simple and useful, but some buttons are hidden into the darkness. Need to fix that issue to be perfect.
  • Спасибо СУПЕР!!!
  • Good. Sometimes it hides some text from webpage
  • Good.

    It does seem to always block the background image unlike the top rated "special algorithm" night mode addon (leaving a bit around the edges which is OK, I guess).

    Darkening the main image somewhat until mouse-over is a good idea.

    Some night mode addons use a black mask that kills the "previous" and "next" buttons on some web-comic websites rendering them useless. The very dark brown that this addon uses leaves those buttons juuust visible, so this is better than those. It *would* be nice if this addon had a control to raise the light level of that brown a bit because it is *very* dark.
  • Yes
  • When I switch to a tab after enabling Night Mode, it's already dark. No jarring flashes of white! It makes the pages look a little weird, but that's okay. I like the dark gray background over the stark 100% inversion of other add-ons.
  • please update for Firefox Quantum, I can't live without this extension,too!
    it was updated to compatible with quantum+, just go get the new version and enjoy it.
  • pelase update to last fireforx
  • I'm another 55 user, who uses other apps at same time (what your other 55 user meant by "multiprocesses"?).
    Don't blame the author of this extension for Mozilla's idiocy- they always had a problem with the structure of FF extensions (their being continually broken by new versions) and now they've shot us all in the foot.
  • error on videos youtube
  • error video
  • Fantastic