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30 reviews for this add-on
  • Sadly it doesn't work even with compatibly mode working. I recon it needs to be updated.
    Nothing changes in the add-on manager to see : (

  • Would love to see this extension ressurected.
    I'm currently using Cleanest Addon Manager + Addons Manager Hilite + a Stylish userstyle i've customized to my needs,
    and i STILL don't have the option i most need ► to sort addons by date!

  • Excellent add-on. Please update for TB5.

  • Until Paul has updated this to work with Firefox 4/5 may I suggest using the helpful Zippy Extension Packager. It will not provide dates etc.but it will show the ID and profile location for each extension.

  • Quote from an e-mail I received from Paul Spangler:
    "this has been a busy time for me. I do want to get it updated, but I don't know when I'll be able to get to it."

  • I don´t understand why mozilla won´t show such a simple information as DATE INSTALLED.

  • I love this extension - it gives so much useful information about each installed extension which Firefox's default extension manager does not - and I really dislike the Firefox 4 default extension manager. Please make this compatible with Firefox 4.

  • This extension is fantastic to have. Can you please make it compatible with FF4?

  • Plea for a version that works with FF4 latest beta.

  • Useful if you want to go into the files for extensions and make changes, e.g. such as changing install.rdf max version number so extensions work in newer versions, removing locales other than the one you are in (for me, en), etc. And, useful when a new version of thunderbird comes out. You can check the version numbers that the extensions work with. Why upgrade if your extensions won't work?

    Speaking of which, Extension Manager Extended says it works with 3.1, but the max version in the install.rdf is only 3.0 as of today, November 1, 2010.

  • If you use Filter extensions, this is A must have companion!

  • This extension is a life saver! I regularly edit addons I've downloaded and it is always such a pain to find what folder the addon resides in. The folders are always named something like [A9SJHA2K415] and finding the one I want can be quite time consuming. I will never stop using this addon! Thank you Paul Spangler!!

  • Doesn't "slim" the list too??

  • How about adding a menu to go to the add-on page here(if it's possible)...I think there was an add-on with such feature but I don't like installing a lot of add-ons.

    And btw your add-on is really useful to me.

  • Does what it says.
    It is great when your browser has problems after a restart and you need to know which extensions were recently updated.
    Still has room for improvements.

  • This is an excellent extension, when needing a easy way to testing incompatible themes or extensions after an Firefox update, by modifying the rdf file and then backing them up with "FEBE" extension or one similar. The alternative would be to update Firefox to the max version that all your extensions would still work if modifying rdf files is out the question.

  • As an alternative, I would suggest the Firefox / Thunderbird extension "MR Tech Toolkit", which does all this and much more. It's been around for a very long time, so it's quite stable, and has tons of features without feeling bloated.

  • People are misunderstanding the name of this extension. It is not a manager, but an extension to the manager.
    I want it to also tell the homepage of each extension!

  • SO, it's not really a manager at all? This is more of an INFO function.

  • I like this extension, and I request for a "Visit Mozilla Page" command for each plugin. It could be as simple as performing this Google Search:'m+Feeling+Lucky&

  • I like this extension, and I request for a "Visit Mozilla Page" command for each plugin. It could be as simple as performing this Google Search:'m+Feeling+Lucky&

  • firefox 3 already includes the id and date installed. the only thing this adds is a folder location.

  • One feature that would be nice: order extensions by date installed. That way, if I start having problems with the browser, I could quickly check to see which extensions I've added recently.

  • I like this extension it works just like it is supposed to but I have one request. Can you have it poll for firefox compatibility? ie the highest version of firefox that it is compatible with. Thanks.

  • can anyone guide me to use this feature - 'Open Containing Folder' .........

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