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  • Does not work and no longer updated. It should be removed from the addon repository.
  • Look at the version info below -- It has not been updated since 2011. There is an "Extension List Dumper 2" extension that attempts to replace it.
  • Installed and that is it. When I click on the button it created it gives a bunch of options for desired output settings but from the window it appears not data was generated so all it creates is a blank file no matter whic combination of options is selected.

    It worked a long time ago but that was back in the Firefox 3 era. Pleas remove if it is permanently broken.
  • does not work
  • does not work. do not waste your time.
    all i get (on 2 different PCs) is a blank box.
  • Diese Erweiterung funktioniert nicht mehr. Es gibt nun eine neue Version hier:

    Extension List Dumper 2

    Diese Erweiterung hier sollte man löschen.
  • I have tried many different options to try to get any usable output from the Extension List Dumper add-on, but it ONLY produces empty files.
    A "Dump List" button is added to the Add-ons Manager window. With that , a user can choose what to name the output file, and select which folder to create it in. A user can choose a few different file types (text, HTML, CSV with either comma or semi-colon separators, or BBCode) to create, as well. However, no matter what options a user selects, there is NO CONTENT in ANY of the output files! NONE! Just empty files with the name, and of type and in the location selected!
  • Empty

    If you cannot/will not fix this, please remove it from the addon list. As it stands now, it's like teaching a pig to sing. It wastes ones time and it annoys the pig!
  • I installed this Add-On in early 2015, and it has never worked. In the past 12 months, I have updated Firefox regularly, and checked all Add-Ons for compatibility.
    The Extension Dumper only displays an empty box.
    It would be great if it worked, maybe the author/developer is asleep at the wheel.
  • Quote"In FF 43.01 (Windows 10), this extension simply generates an empty box. I have no idea why. Very disappointed."Unquote

    I concur.
  • In FF 43.01 (Windows 10), this extension simply generates an empty box. I have no idea why. Very disappointed.
  • Use Extension List Dumper 2
  • I continue to use the unsigned 1.5.3 version successfully on Linux and Windows using 40.0.2 and 42.0. Seems to work just fine.
  • "This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox".
  • Just type "extension list" (without quotes) into the AMO search field and press the Enter key. Sorted by relevance, both the Sogame and Iceberg versions will appear at the top of the results. Click accordingly.

    At this time, I would not have given this extension a 5-star rating. Primarily since this extension, as it exists today, does not work with current versions of Firefox.
  • Der_Orso: I am not Iceberg and her/his extension is not mine.

    You said you were looking for Extension List Dumper 2 and could not find it. Since you already knew the name, the fact that you found its function was not obvious from its name doesn't seem relevant. But I suppose you believed you were addressing a comment to Iceberg who simply followed the original name of this extension, which was, and is, well known to many of us.

    In this country, depending on the context, text may be enclosed in either single or double quotes (otherwise known as 'inverted commas'), and in such context we do not call them apostrophes.

    I am glad that you have been able to find Extension List Dumper 2 and are now using it. Your review gave it high marks although, despite the fact I suspect you find it extremely useful, you did not mention any of its good features nor make any positive comment about it. People stay up at night to give us these goodies so when they work for us, as ELD 2 does, why not at least mention that?

    ..and just a repeat for other hopefuls:

    Try typing just 'dumper' (without quotes) in the AMO search box.and look carefully at the drop-down list which appears. Then click on the line showing Extension List Dumper 2.

    I have no problem seeing it that way.

    However, the new version, 'Extension List Dumper 2', of which I told you, DOES work..

    Iceberg has produced a corrected revival of this extension, which is officially on AMO and signed!

    Extension List Dumper 2 :: Add-ons for Firefox
  • Hi Iceberg,

    yes, if you search for 'dumper' (without the apostrophes) you will find it, but nobody looking for an addon which generates a -list- of -extensions- is going to search for 'dumper'.

    Searching for 'extension list' (without the apostrophes) will also not find your addon.

    BTW, I'm now using your addon ;)

    Iceberg has produced a corrected revival of this extension, which is officially on AMO and signed!

    Extension List Dumper 2 :: Add-ons for Firefox
  • THANK YOU very, very much, LeeToo.

    What he said is true:
    "It's very simple to get work this extension for firefox 38.x!" -- 40.0.2 now.


    Find inside your system partition the installed add-on "extensionlistdumper@sogame.cat.xpi"

    Now copy it to (e.g.) your desktop and open it with 7-zip program. Find the item "ELDumperOutput.js"
    That's the path: \extensionlistdumper@sogame.cat.xpi\chrome\chromeFiles\content\ELDumperOutput.js

    Right click over it and hit Edit

    Find the line:

    var XPIProvider = Components.utils.import("resource://gre/modules/XPIProvider.jsm")

    and chang it to:

    var XPIProvider = Components.utils.import("resource://gre/modules/addons/XPIProvider.jsm")

    Save the modification and install the add-on. Just choose to open it with FFox -- or drag and drop it to the browser.
    Then restart.

    That's it, the list now is there for copying or saving.
  • My rating is 0. Never been updated and doesn't work. how can it be removed from add ons?
  • Not working. Creates a blank list. I emailed the dev but since last update was 4 years ago, it's obviously not in active development, so I don't expect an answer.
  • Hey Developer

    It's verry simple to get work this extension for firefox 38.x!
    In ELDumperOutput.js you have only to change one line.

    var XPIProvider = Components.utils.import("resource://gre/modules/XPIProvider.jsm")

    var XPIProvider = Components.utils.import("resource://gre/modules/addons/XPIProvider.jsm")

    Look at:

    Hope you fix this soon.

    And why is mozilla signing extension that dont work with current firefox???
  • I have FF 38.0.1 and just tried to use it for the first time in a long time, and no extensions appear in the list.

    Used to be great, very helpful for reinstalling to a new profile.

    It's obviously abandoned now - last update was 8-13-2011!
  • This addon doesn't work at FF 38.0.5 - it simply creates an empty file.
  • Maybe it's not supposed to. It generates 3-byte files containing -- obviously -- no information. VWIW InfoLister doesn't work either.