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  • es unos de los mejores complementos que he visto y usado ,da pena que no se pueda usar el versiones superiores,el que lo puso en el firefox es un genio
  • Please make it compatible with new FF! Thx
  • I've used this for decades since it was first created! Love it! Very useful for troubleshooting flakey connectivity and poorly behaving websites! Will there be an upgrade/rewrite for the new(er) FF? Please? Thanks! Blaine bmiller@coastside.net
  • This addon is very useful by I need in compatibility with Firefox Quantum.
  • I wait also of a version for FF 57. Please develop a version for the new FF generation.

    Many thanks in advance.
  • One of the best addons. We are all waiting for version 57 support.
  • FF57?
  • I like this add-on a lot.
    Please let users know if this add-on will able to be updated or not so... we will know if will work on Firefox Nightly 57+ or not. Because if can add-on needs updated to e10s and Web Extensions to work. Thank you
  • Will there be support for firefox future versions of firefox?
  • But Firefox 57 is not. In general in the trash his necessary to throw it out. :)
  • Excellent addon and a nice addition on my legacy bar. I hope Mozilla don't break it further but I'm not holding my hopes up...

    After FF55, I've had to show the Extended Statusbar Toolbar and set the options to Slim and Classic back to get the movable item to put back in Status-4-Evar's bar. But it worked and I'm happy again, thanks for the great addon.
  • Installed in Pale Moon 27.3.0 (64-bit) on Ubuntu. Works great!!!! I get a lot of useful information in my status bar now! Thanks so much for this
  • Not working with Firefox Nightly 55
  • After reading the previous reviews saying it doesn't work, I tried it and it seems to have worked just fine for me.
  • This addon is completely broken in the current form and NOT compatible with firefox 49 despite the claims it is working, developer needs to pay more attention. "ESB Settings" is greyed out from the context menu and no statistics are recorded properly. essentially it is useless.
  • Doesn't work not mouseover and not after 3 seconds.
  • Excelente
  • Incompatible with e10s
  • works fine on ff 47.0.1 with a fresh install
  • works fine!!!
  • 1)
    Download file to your computer. Right mouse on green button Add to Firefox and save file extended_statusbar-2.0.3-fx.xpi.
    2) Rename it to extended_statusbar-2.0.3-fx.rar
    3) Open it and then open file bootstrap.js
    4) Change line 190
    esbToolbar.setAttribute("collapsed", window.Application.prefs.getValue("extensions.extendedstatusbar.collapsed", false));


    esbToolbar.setAttribute("collapsed", Services.prefs.getBoolPref("extensions.extendedstatusbar.collapsed"));

    Save and replace bootstrap.js into your extended_statusbar-2.0.3-fx.rar with modified version

    Rename again extended_statusbar-2.0.3-fx.rar to extended_statusbar-2.0.3-fx.xpi

    7) Install it locally ( Tools - Add-ons- Install Add-on from File)

    8) Restart Firefox and extension will works.

    Good luck
  • Unfortunately the extended statusbar is no longer visible after updating to Firefox 47.
  • Ich mag dieses addon sehr doch unter FF 47 läuft es nicht mehr - schade!
  • But doesn't work on Firefox 47 and Firefox dev 48. Can you please update your extension?
  • Nice Add-on, I don know what to say, is just what is suppossed to be.