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  • This DOES NOT work on Linux. ExpressVPN is only supported by command line on Linux. You go through the effort of installing (reinstalling) expressvpn, but the plugin does not work, says:

    App Not Installed

    This extension requires the ExpressVPN app for Linux with an active subscription.
  • The Geo-Location in the Web Extension does not always work. This means that the HTML5 Geo-location shows your real location. Otherwise you should use the web extension 'Location Guard' This extension is recommended by ExpressVPN for Linux but it also works well with Windows. This is a major bug which I have reported to ExpressVPN; they could not fix it. In the end they agreed that I should use 'Location Guard'. DO NOT USE THIS EXTENSION UNLESS YOU HAVE VERIFIED THAT IT ACTUALLY WORKS IN YOUR BROWSER. It may only give you a false sense of security. You can use https://www.where-am-i.co/my-ip-location to verify that it works and that it forces the HTML5/Geo-location to match the IP/Location