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  • Is there any hope to update this addon for new firefox?
  • va pas ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  • there is an extension for Google Chrome called cookies.txt that has the same functionality (actually, more functionality). conceivably, this addon could be updated to the new Firefox version.

    Chrome extension, for reference: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cookiestxt/njabckikapfpffapmjgojcnbfjonfjfg?hl=en
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  • Add button on toolbar and save cookie to profile directory for portable version.
  • It seems to be a complete copy/paste of this (older) addons: https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/cookie-exporter/

    Just why?
  • Would be better if it could export to mozilla cookie format.
    I need the mozilla format.
  • Deutsche Benutzer finden das Add-on im Menü "Extras" (Alt-X) -> Export Cookies...
  • It's an awesome tool that every developer would have in a hand
  • Indispensable. Might help to know that ALT-T brings up FF Tools when menu is not visible.
  • Macht genau was man erwartet: Exportiert sämtliche FF-Cookies in eine einzige Textdatei. Den Speicherpfad und Dateinamen kann man frei angeben.
    Funktioniert mit wget wunderbar und half mir z.B. meinen WordPress-Blog zu backupen.
  • Quick & easy.
  • 最好有个工具栏按钮,点下就可以导出cookies。
  • 感谢下,简单好用。
  • really nice. work perfect with wget.
  • Really nice tool and very useful for debugging.
  • Excellent, worked as expected on Win XP.
  • Excellent! This addon is a must if you use wget. Works in Windows.

    Dear Anatol': Please maintain this addon forever and ever! Get it out of the Addon Sandbox!
  • Real good extension! Thanks for continuing allcookies :-)
    As this seems not to become updated any longer, I decided to make a branch on my extensions site.
    See here for a version that is compatible with recent Firefox versions:
  • Updated version for Firefox 3.6.* (checked with 3.6 - works like a charm)

  • Excellent add-on! Does exactly what advertises, and is extremely useful!
  • Love it! perfect combination with cURL. :) Thanks!
  • Once again, updated vesion for Firefox 3.5.1 (and others in 3.5.* tree). Checked with 3.5.1 - everything is ok.


  • the Billgates1 updated version for 3.5 works perfectly.
  • Updated version for Firefox 3.5:

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