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  • Thanks for creating this add-on. Works great.
  • Must have!
    Funktioniert perfekt!
  • Works like a charm, set history clean for 7 days, gave it some time - history after week is gone. Shame they removed this from standard functionality after Firefox 3.
  • I set this add-on for 31 days and... this adon is not removing removing my history after 31 days.
  • Аддон отличный, но долгое время не может обновиться через браузер. Попыталась скачать xpi с сайта, тоже не устанавливается, пишет, что файл поврежден.
  • I search for a plugin that deletes my history after an hour or change the Settings so Firefox only save for instance 100 pages and then delete the first saved page.
  • All I want is a truly infinite history, going as far back as I can stretch it. Some day I want to look back at the pages I visited 10 years ago. Yes, I know that could cause performance issues. I don't care. If it gets that bad (and I haven't noticed any issues so far storing two years worth of history), I'll back up my existing history and start over.

    Infinite means infinite, not capped at 999999 entries (which could easily be reached some day). Apparently though the extension developer here decided that his users were too stupid to understand the idea of "storing more history = more resources needed" and decided to remove the only thing that made his extension worthwhile in the first place, replacing it with instructions to change about:config entries that you could mess with yourself without having it installed anyway.

    Unless the "disable places expiration" option is returned, this extension is pointless and you shouldn't even bother installing it. It's a shame that for whatever reason the developer decided that people weren't smart enough to use his add-on properly. That's how everything useful dies.

    I'm just lucky I caught the change in the "updated" version of this extension before Firefox managed to wipe my history out. I've gone back to an old version until this issue is fixed. Shame on you for making this change so suddenly. What if somebody updated that already had more than 999999 entries in their history? You'd be wiping out the record of their digital life.

    If you're going to put things under a big "scary options for experts" heading, then let those people actually pick the options that they want. Return the option to disable history expiration entirely.

    Edit: If the response is true, then what does the (now disabled) preference "extensions.bonardonet.expire-history-by-days.disable_expiration" do?
    First: the disable expiration checkbox was just setting the pref to 999999, so nothing changes. Second, Webextensions cannot set prefs anymore, so that's why it's suggested to do that manually.
  • Are you planning to convert it to a webextension? I'm sure every other user would love to continue using it after Firefox 57 releases.
  • however really would like a whitelist option
  • Installing the new 1.30 version with flashstopper 1.4.5 (not flashblocker) addon causes some buttons to be dimmed.
    Like the previous reviewer wrote - there's no issue tracker - so see my report on the flashstopper forum -
    That's a bug in Firefox, I found https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1337913 (it may be a dupe of an existing and already fixed bug).
  • I don't find issue tracker location, so I write my bugreport to address — https://github.com/Kristinita/SashaMiscellaneous/issues/5 . Please, to see it, when you will have a free time.

    Thanks for Expire History by days!
    That's a bug in Firefox, I found https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1337913 (it may be a dupe of an existing and already fixed bug).
  • Short version: You need this addon both to avoid mistyped results in the suggestion lists, and to get rid of URLs from the history for sites you're never ever going to revisit, but once visited many months or years ago - which only end up consuming massive amounts of diskspace because the built-in history cleanup doesn't work.

    Firefox originally had the option to expire the history after x days or amount of diskspace used. This method of retention was carried over from Netscape and worked perfectly fine since Netscape 1 - it's how the history is supposed to work. Unfortunately, for absolutely no sensible reason, the Mozilla dev team decided to get rid of that feature and replaced it with an automated cleanup that is supposed to get rid of the oldest history when it starts to affect performance, but never does. Problem with the terrible automated design is, the history mostly consumes diskspace, which doesn't affect performance, and so Firefox will keep the history forever without ever purging any part of it. Since we have the ability to bookmark pages there's never been a need to store the history for more than a few months at the most, rather we've always had a need to remove the oldest history to avoid the browser eating up diskspace until there's none left. That's where this addon comes in, and why we need it. Doesn't matter how big a harddrive is, there's never any need to consume massive amounts of space just because you can. Purging everything in my history older than 6 months cleaned up nearly 1 GB of diskspace. Given how FF stores the history that is a massive amount of URLs that should never have been stored for that long.

    Cudos to the author for reintroducing the one feature the dev team never should have removed. After more than 40 versions since this critical mistake was made, it is sadly not likely that we'll ever get this much needed functionality built in again.
  • Not sure why, but as of 1.2.1 this causes a slight delay in opening a window. Annoying, but not impossibly slow. Tabs are unaffected.
  • This should actually be a default enabled feature in Firefox. Thanks for making this plugin!
  • As the title says... props to dev for making this option available since Mozilla cannot. Thank you, you're the boss!
  • This addon used to work great. I have it set to 999999999 days. It unfortunately keeps deleting my history after a year. Should I disable Places expiration?
    Yes, if you don't want pages to expire, you should disable expiration. But notice that by doing so you may soon suffer of performance problems, especially in the awesomebar. The value you set likely doesn't work cause it's too large, you may rather try with 730 days for 2 years.