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  • Cool
  • Ужасно! Часто работает некорректно, ОГРОМНЫМИ буквами выдает какие-то адреса, занимающие 70% первого экрана окна, приодится долго скроллить и вглядываться, чтобы понять хотя бы базовую информацию о снимке, гистограмма во всплывайке над всплывайкой - это вообще угар. Вдобавок оно открывается во всплывающем окне, перекрывающем снимок! Выглядит как приложение из 90-х. Напишите уже кто-нибудь нормальный екзиф для фокса, в хромиумах оно есть же.
  • IPTC-Daten und Exif-Aufnahmedaten werden *nicht* übersichtlich aufgelistet. Unzumutbar.
  • Дерьмо!
  • I just upgraded from pre-57 Firefox to 62, and installed the latest version of EXIF viewer, which I've been using for years. The user interface is not as good as the old version, but worst of all, it shows zero information about the image. Nothing at all. The old version showed full details of the same photo, but this new version shows nada. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, and rebooted, but nothing. It's a shame we can't use the old version anymore.
    Can you provide the URL of an image that is not being handled properly? The Viewer should still work, but there have been issues with local files in certain directories.
  • В большинстве случаев работает некорректно .
  • Works fine on Firefox for Desktop. Doesn't work *at all* for Firefox for Android.

    Android works for https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/search_by_image/ . I don't understand why it doesn't work for EXIF!
    Firefox for Android implements a very limited subset of the WebExtensions API. So, no context menus and no way to invoke the Viewer. Sorry, but until the Mozilla developers remove this limitation, the Viewer will be DOA on Android.
  • Para ver EXIF de las imágenes, autor, datos de cámara, parámetros de la fotografía... EL MEJOR!!!
  • Working great on Basilisk 2018.01.05
  • Very handy add-on to display a huge amount of detail about an image.
  • A nice and useful module. Thanks!

    However, it would be even better if we could select what type of visualization we want, instead of having to go in a sub-menu to pick one among four presentations (table, basic, etc.). A settings option would be a welcome.

    Moreover, it would be faster to parse visually if we could select which attributes to display or hide.

    As a bonus, a possibility to override the default CSS would be nice (I'm thinking about lowering the contrast and size of attribute codes), but maybe overkill too! :)
  • Working well in FF56 64bit.
    Thank you.
  • New version (3.0) cannot be installed, FF says it's corrupt... Please, fix it.

    EDIT: Thanks, but it didn't help, my FF ESR 52.4.0 (32-bit) still says it's corrupt. I fixed it by modifying manifest.json (un-commenting "applications" section and changed min version to 52...) Maybe you could make it compatible to ESR too...
    I just removed and re-installed it on my system, and it worked fine. A couple of other users were also able to install it without any problems. You might want to try removing it, exiting from Firefox, and then re-installing it from addons.mozilla.org; perhaps the download failed.
  • Thanks for the update!
    I have a problem - long time of loading result with large files.

    The "legacy" version could stream the image's binary data a little at a time, since it was able to use the XPCOM interface to access Firefox's functionality.

    The WebExtensions version is much more restricted, because it is treated much the same as any web page, and so it has to download the entire image before it can process it.

    Out of curiosity, what are your browser's cache settings? I'd hope that the Viewer's request for the image has access to the cache, but maybe not.

    - Alan
  • It does not work if multibyte characters are included
  • Works really well for me on the off chance I need to check an images EXIF metadata

    A note to the previous review. There seems to be a bug in the latest release that makes the right click menu option disappear. Just uninstall and reinstall and it should appear again
  • Extraordinarily clunky to use. You have to:

    Right click on image -> copy link location ->
    Tools -> Exif Viewer -> click in form -> paste image link.

    What I wanted:

    Right click on image -> show metadata

    Or that show image info now had a metadata tab.