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  • Can you update this great extension to be compatible with e10s?
  • Excellent addon to use when autosurfing. Keeps the memory down. Thanks for updating!
  • I need something that lets me edit this permissions.sqlite data so that I can take out the "http://" with which Ffx (And this Add-on) insist on prefixing the IP address of my VM.
    I don't want to allow from
    I want to allow from
  • A great extension that can be very helpful, thanks to the author. A couple of remarks: for some unknown reason, settings for youtube.com are not imported. They work, they are exported in the .txt file but when the list is imported on a clean state, youtube.com is missing.
    I am using version, the new version is not Pale Moon compatible, hope you can fix this.
  • I noticed a wired bug here.
    if I set images from a domain to be site option ( not allow or deny but site) then the picture are shown only at that domain and BLOCKED at other domains that have images from that domain. even setting Firefox to show all images doesn't show the images from domain set as "site" so they are effectively blocked on other places other than their own domain.
    even more weird is that the images are not even shown in the affected pages as image place-holders.
  • This is a very great addon. You can edit the List in any other tool after export. But the import dosn't work. I don't know why but can you please fix it. It would help.
    Good Job, go on.
  • Exactly what I needed to modify image permissions for a site that redirected from no-www to www version, preventing me from accessing the "View Page Info -> Permissions" the normal way. Was able to add the site address to the list manually with the according image permissions. Literally takes just a few second since the add-on has a clear and easy to understand interface.
  • Is there a way to automate the import of the allowed sites? In hostperm.1 format or otherwise? Planning on deploying this to multiple users, would like to avoid manual work if possible...
    Great add-on, exactly what I was looking for!
  • To be honest I will give it 5 stars because there is nothing else related to this idea. Perfect. Few bugs here and there is not a big issue and all users seems like agreed with me.
  • the import is buggy, it does not import the last line of the perm file.

    it is due to the while loop used instead of the do while loop that should be used as in https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Reading_textual_data#Reading_Lines

    the last readline call return false while it does treat the last line, therefore the need of a do while loop

    (or fix the export to add the extra empty line, but it is probably not the right way)
  • ExException seems like a good addon so far.

    I would like to recommend the following to the developer.

    1. Install in the Less mode, it's less overwhelming at first. Besides the More button would be there for the curious.

    2. Add a Complete Deny/Complete Allow button that would automatically put Deny or Allow for the all permissions for the website that is being editted.

    3. Add a toolbar button option please. I have even looked at the customize toolbar options thinking I'd missed something.
  • is it still being updated?
    wish there was "block site" instead of just "documents" and more granular control of java, javascript + plugins, iframes too(if its possible in firefox?)
    Most of the terms like "objects, xbl, dtd, i'm not familiar with. Would be good if developer had a support site, downloadable help file, etc.

  • thank you very much for great addon,i have request,can you add auto export site setting on browser exit.

  • Great tool to edit/export/import the permissions.sqlite file.

    For the missing Toolbar use this local link instead and bookmark it:

    This will lead you to the settings.
  • Firefox 13 not deny or allow javascript.
    Please fix it.
  • It's nice to be able to control so many permissions. However, a toolbar button is needed since it's kind of irritating to go to the addons manager and change permissions.

    A default "deny" option would be nice, something like noscript, which denies all sites and then you allow which sites will run javascript etc.. Something like that would work out great.

    It would also be very nice if you could explain what would happen if a person blocks "Document, Dtd, Object,
    ObjectSubRequest, Ping, Refresh, Stylesheet, Subdocument, Xbl,XmlHttpRequest" for a particular site (You've also mentioned that some of these content types are not supported by Firefox.

    Please explain. Thanks!
  • Can't find a toolbar button - and would like to have one :-)
  • Update pls
  • 教えて下さい。
  • 教えて下さい。
  • Was searching for a way to import my hostperm file that I've been teaking for years.
    This imported my FF2 hostperm.1 with no problem!
    ...Exempt that it set all permission to deny images.
    This needs batch managing so I can select all and set 'popup' deny.
    Still, this is the only one around. Thanks for making it, hope you'll make it better and better.
  • I like what this does, I really do.

    It just takes 2 to 3 minutes to open it, freezing up the entire browser until it's open. Really frustrating. But once you are using it, it's very helpful . It has potential to make the browsing experience safer, faster, and easier on the eyes.
  • What does the Site option do? I understand Allow and Deny, but not the third one.
  • !!! JUST TRASH IT!!! It doesn't do what it is supposed to do and it actually can be dangerous if you (try) to set it up and does NOT block what you don't want to have.
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