3 reviews for this add-on
  • The people giving low reviews are missing the point. Evidence Scribe was never supposed to be a competitor to Zotero. Zotero is a general-purpose research management system; Evidence Scribe is a tool for constructing and formatting policy debate evidence briefs. Giving it a low rating because it's not as "powerful" as Zotero is like giving a cheese grater a low rating because it's not as "powerful" as a blender.

    Further, *this isn't even evidence scribe* - this is just a Firefox add-on intended to make Evidence Scribe better. The whole question, then, is: "Does this make Evidence Scribe better?" Yes, it does.

    If you want Zotero, go get Zotero. If you want an add-on to make Evidence Scribe better, get this.

  • as Rob said, Zotero is better... much better

  • Zotero is so much better. With scribe you have to pay a subscription to have more then one person in your group (Zotero is free). Scribe stores all material on their server, you know that means you have to have a connection to access your stuff (Zotero is on your puter and on their server). Zotero is so much more flexible, in what and how it stores your material/information. Zotero Stores webpage sections, pages and sites, along with notes and markups. I store pdf's, pics bibliographies and access all that through FF, including printing, direct input into MS word and Open Office. Scribe does have one advantage in it's exporting of the brief to your word processor (the 2 *'s). For a debate format Scribe would be great but for any other research use I will continue to use Zotero. So goodbye Scribe.