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  • Blackens the Search and Buttons and the YT Icon but the rest is Now White Again. Before that everything but those was Black but also the Comment Section was still white. Nothing is All Black like it use to be. Have No idea whats going on and has not Updated in a Vary Long Time. Going to look for a Better one.

  • Poor color scheme.

  • it doesnt work and shows multiple youtube icons at the top of the home page and all of it with a black frame... so it looks awful

  • Add-on is extremely slow to update to fit new YouTube Layouts. Also it does not seem to work with private browsing?

  • YouTube is always updating and changing the way it looks.
    That's the main problem, I believe. It's hard to keep up with it, so it's understandable it doesn't work as intended.

    It *LOOKS* great, in the screenshots at least.

  • It doesn't look as shown

  • It doesn't look as was it was said to look

  • this is not working for me...can you help me out?

  • Doesn't work like shown in this picture http://i.imgur.com/WZd3JUf.png SAVE YOUR TIME AND DO NOT INSTALL!

  • Needs an update. No longer works as intended. I used to use the Very Very Dark Gray theme which worked with Google+ but am looking for a browser extension equivalent. I'm trying to avoid too many userscripts...

  • This deserves the 5 stars. Beautiful theme and love it way better than Black Youtube because to me the pure black & white (including the logo) is better than the red on black, or black with other colours. This extension keeps the layout black & white and very classy and neat.

    The updates to Google,both the current layout update as well as the previous comments section update have caused this theme to lose some of its attractiveness, but that is not the dev's fault but Google for their atrocious damn updates. Nicely done to the team and I hope this extension becomes more popular in the near future.

    Very clean and classy design. Truly a unique layout for Youtube even amongst other dark Youtube themes.

  • I'm still rating this five stars, because the asinine update is Google's fault, not yours. However, I do hope to see an update to fix this problem in the near future.

    Developer response

    Thank you! We're planning on updating the comments section in the near future.

  • This will be a great add on as soon as it's updated and all that white from the google plus update is gone....until then i can't really use it because it looks odd.

  • UPDATE 2/21: Youtube changes from today have messed up this addon more. Needs to be updated to fix.

    Better than most current Youtube black/dark skins. At least it doesn't mess up the top menu and other things. I still feel like I wish the Google+ comments section was dark/black as well. Then it would be perfect. If/when that happens I would gladly give this addon five stars.

  • My last review got deleted, and I think I know why. It wasn't this addon that was making the youtube layout all wonky, after all. And personally, I like that the comment section stays white, and I can see the reply and thumbs up/down buttons clearly, which were invisible in other similar skins.

    Developer response

    Thank you.

  • Would be a perfect addon if comment section weren't white. Needs a fix for google+ changes.

    Developer response

    We're working on it, we just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. Thank you for your patience.

  • thx for that,very came in handy! nice!

    Developer response

    Thank you

  • Works flawlessly and looks good. No config just go to youtube and it'll be all sexified.

    Developer response

    Thank you