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  • There was a time when evernote was a great app and the clipper was a great add-on. Not any more. Synchronisation does not work, the add-on is unresponsive and virtually useless.
  • Worked well until October 2018, now stopped working and can't restart.
  • Recently using simplified article will cut off every image after the first one. Its the function I use the most to cut out all the unnecessary theme visuals on webpages for articles. I would find this app more useful if this issue didn't keep happening
  • Evernote developers: Please fix the compatibility issue with MS Outlook web app! Like others have said, I have disable whenever I want to send or reply to an email then reenable when I want to clip... I have been waiting for a long, long time and am super frustrated by this... One Note is looking better and better...
  • Ne fonctionne plus depuis la mise à jour Firefox 62.0.3. Je n'ai plus l'icône dans la barre du haut, lorsque je fait un clic-droit, les options de capture sont grisées.

    Not working since firefox update 62.0.3 this weekend. No more icon in the toolbar. The capture options in the right-clic submenu are grayed-out.
  • For a long while this extension worked very well. Since the January 2018 update, however, it has exhibited major flaws, the most annoying of which are 1) Nearly constant need to re-login to the service, and 2) Poor interaction with Microsoft Office online, including but not limited to completely breaking Outlook's ability to load an email message in a separate window. In fact, I have been obliged to disable it for this very reason. A great tool when it works right, but it isn't currently working right.
  • not working properly.
    not clipping
  • very good.
  • 官方的 兼容性和接口效率都高 还不错嘛
  • Garbage. Garbage. Garbage. It's a shame the coders at Evernote ruin such an essential and great concept with this utter garbage.

    I have not successfully been able to clip a single page or quote using this extension, as everytime I attempt to do so, it tells me to reload the page.

    Apparently QA doesn't happen at Evernote.

    Perhaps the garbage men over there should resume their former careers as garbagemen.