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  • Recently using simplified article will cut off every image after the first one. Its the function I use the most to cut out all the unnecessary theme visuals on webpages for articles. I would find this app more useful if this issue didn't keep happening
  • Evernote developers: Please fix the compatibility issue with MS Outlook web app! Like others have said, I have disable whenever I want to send or reply to an email then reenable when I want to clip... I have been waiting for a long, long time and am super frustrated by this... One Note is looking better and better...
  • Ne fonctionne plus depuis la mise à jour Firefox 62.0.3. Je n'ai plus l'icône dans la barre du haut, lorsque je fait un clic-droit, les options de capture sont grisées.

    Not working since firefox update 62.0.3 this weekend. No more icon in the toolbar. The capture options in the right-clic submenu are grayed-out.
  • For a long while this extension worked very well. Since the January 2018 update, however, it has exhibited major flaws, the most annoying of which are 1) Nearly constant need to re-login to the service, and 2) Poor interaction with Microsoft Office online, including but not limited to completely breaking Outlook's ability to load an email message in a separate window. In fact, I have been obliged to disable it for this very reason. A great tool when it works right, but it isn't currently working right.
  • not working properly.
    not clipping
  • very good.
  • 官方的 兼容性和接口效率都高 还不错嘛
  • Garbage. Garbage. Garbage. It's a shame the coders at Evernote ruin such an essential and great concept with this utter garbage.

    I have not successfully been able to clip a single page or quote using this extension, as everytime I attempt to do so, it tells me to reload the page.

    Apparently QA doesn't happen at Evernote.

    Perhaps the garbage men over there should resume their former careers as garbagemen.
  • 优秀
  • Very useful
    Works well on Firefox Developper Edition (v63 right now) on Win10, Mac and uBuntu
    I like the capture "simplified" version to get what's really important
  • Log in to web clipper, get a cookie message, clipper icon retains red dot, nothing available. Hover over icon continually says to sign in. Click, signs in, nothing available, red dot still there, FAIL.
  • Broken, Useless for me. Installed in Firefox running on Linux. Red dot on icon, click to log in. Succeed, but red dot is still on icon. Click icon hoping to be able to save a note... interface blinks, "we use cookies" briefly appears, nothing else happens. EDIT - found the problem seems to be a conflict with the extension "First Party Isolation." But other add-ons don't seem to be troubled by it. When I disabled First Party Isolation, I could then log in and the extension worked.
  • Very user friendly!
  • Uso Como favoritos de imagens
  • 不错
  • Szybkość zapisu w notatniku potrzebnych artykułów lub części zrzutu ekranu.
  • 很好用
  • Cet add-on plante très souvent
  • So far, so good
  • used it on safari with no issues. had to log in once and awhile when black dot appeared in elephant icon.
    red dot today in Firefox icon. but clicking it will not take me to evernote log in.
    pretty dumb.
  • I love the ability to clip, however I have to keep re-loading the add-on every time I want to use it. It works when I first download, but a few days later when I want to use it again, it doesn't work, and i have to re download it. Would give 5 stars if it continued to work.
  • This Evernote Web Clipper works PERFECTLY. Evernote has always been and will always be the best note taking app ever.
  • Super addon, with a big **BUT**!

    **BUT**: The Evernote Web Cliper interferes with BankID, which is Norway’s largest logon solution for homebanking solution. At least, when logging into Norway’s largest bank (at www.dnb.no) with Firefox, I have to disable Evernote in order to be able to log in. I do not know whether it is DnB.no that sniffs something fishy - or if it the Web Clipper that just hides the login information.

    The Web Clipper deserves a 5 star rating. But only if it can fix this homebanking problem.
  • works great and is the fastest and most reliable productivity app when searching later or you web clips