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  • Otima
  • With version 51 Try Again Button Doesn't Work Anymore
  • Does not work in nightly 53.0a1x64
  • It does not work on Firefox Developer Edition 52.0a2 20161204004007
  • Has not worked for some time.
  • It's the only good error page addon that still works on ff45 and up.
    Ever since thestyling broke it's rather fugly though
    If you mean the 4th button is dropped to a separate row, should fix it. Otherwise please include detailed information about "styling broke". Thanks.
  • Finally I found something to make Error page useful.
    Works fine for me.
  • Although I can't tell after a 1 day test how useful information of those special pages really is - it's at least a very good idea.
    And after conversion with SeaMonkey add-on converter (Info: ) the add-on version 1.2.4 also works fine with SeaMonkey 3.33b1 (others not tested).
  • ErrorZilla Plus stop working with FF 34
    I'm working on a fix.
  • Simple and EZ :)
  • AdBlock Plus is not working well when ErrorZilla Plus is installed, starting with the bugged context menu.
    After removing ErrorZilla Plus the problem is gone.

    It could be that the "Australis issue" is the reason.
    Can you explain in more detail of the issue? EZP does not add or change any context menu. I verified it is working fine with ABP. It is possible that some subscriptions can break compatibility.
  • As far as I am concerned this is THE addon for your error pages :)
  • Very useful
  • 目前用到全程越墙的机会不多,就是偶尔不爽或者让我失去一次可能的学习机会,对于这样鸡肋的问题,一直没有好的办法,直到纯偶然发现这个扩展。

  • Not very useful. Show up only if there is error. Better if can show up and use individual function like whois.
    Well, since in the preference page you have the URL of all tools, you can bookmark them and use ubiquitous. This addon is designed specifically for error cases.
  • To get ErrorZilla working with 6.0, install the "Add-on compatibility Reporter" (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/add-on-compatibility-reporter/), and restart Firefox. All addons will be enabled, including ErrorZilla, regardless of compatibility.
  • How do I bypass Firefox compatibilty check? I read the web and still dont get it
  • Update for Firefox 6.0?
    I just updated the description of this add-on. You can bypass Firefox extension compatibility check. EZP should be working fine.
  • after i hit try again, and i use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+tab to switch tabs it sends me to the search bar. i think this is only recent, maybe a month or so.
  • Where's the yellow warning icon? Just doesn't seem like an error page anymore with the huge Firefox but no exclamation icon.
    I already fixed this in the development version. Will be available in the next release. Thanks.
  • Nice addon! For those of you looking for this addon for Firefox 4.0, just scroll down to the page and click on "View all versions". The updated addon is there, its just not been verified by Mozilla yet, but its safe and works!
  • 哥,你的附加功能有点儿喧宾夺主了。。。
  • Great extension; too bad it doesn't work in more situations. What I'd like to see would be a means of dragging a URL into Errorzilla from a server error page or elsewhere, as there's no apparent means of pulling it up if it doesn't come up on its own for a given site. Some sort of tutorial on setting proxies would also be nice. I should probably point out that the support website link doesn't currently work, and doesn't bring up Errorzilla, either. ;)
  • Anything on the way for Firefox 4.0?
  • @TheMac5010: That would be a very bad idea. Firefox 3.0 is EoL and insecure. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozilla_Firefox#Release_history