Button Image and Size Mod Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I use the Open Clear Private Data Dialog button from the Toolbar Buttons Addon (which I somehow managed to get to clear without opening the dialog) in FF3.6.8 but in Palemoon I do not want that large library of icons. I am used to its gold padlock icon so I decided to modify the icon of Eraser (over sanitisminau) because it also eats some of the beast's Lso's. So I made a 16x16x32 gold padlock icon like the one in the Toolbar Buttons Addon image array and used it to replace Eraser's 24x24x32 button.png (transparent with white matte) from Eraser's, .xpi's, .jar's "skin" folder.
To replace Eraser's toolbar icon with a 16x16x32 (Firefox's small icon size) (transparent with white matte)
icon of your choice -
1. Open Eraser's .xpi in Winrar and drag out a copy of the Eraser.jar file from the "chrome" folder.
2. Close the .xpi and open that .jar in Winrar and go into the "skin" folder. Drop your button into the skin folder to replace the original and tell Winrar to Add and Replace files.
3. Next drag out a copy of the overlay.css file from the skin folder and edit it in a Text editor. Change the obvious 2 pairs of references to the number "24" in the overlay.css file in the skin folder of the .xpi, to 16. Then drop the .css file back into the skin folder of the open .jar and tell Winrar to Add and Replace files then close it.
4. Then open a copy of the Eraser Addon's .xpi and drop the modified Eraser.jar file into it and tell Winrar to Add and Replace files and close the .xpi.
Test - To install, first uninstall Eraser if already installed and install the modified copy. Look for your icon in the Customize dialog and drag it to your toolbar.
Icon details - You can use all 16x16 pixels. Use a 32 bit color palette. It is good to leave a pixel or 2 clear of image data on the sides. The choice of png matte color seems unimportant. The original matte was white. If you don't edit the overlay.css, any 16x16x32 button.png will work but it will be placed top justified in a 24x24 rectangle and increase the size of its host toolbar anyone using small toolbar icons (via the View - Toolbars - Customize setting).
I hope the author will add 16 and 24 bit buttons at some point to accommodate users of both large and small toolbar icons. And I hope the Lso gobbler gets hungrier! Thankyou Vikram Baghel for your work and for your decision to experiment!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.03).