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  • Youseless Extension.
    Black Font on dark background.
    dark invisible button dots.
    Maybe realize that lots of people youse dark mode.
    How do i read black on dark?
  • Super. Dumpfe Videos adè :-)
  • Wow!!! That's what i needed....... Songs are just amazing now on Youtube
  • Wow vraiment cool.
  • Parameter can not be set on its own.
    Perfect or explosion also does not exist in this add-on.
  • With the equalizer, the playback speed does not change.
  • This the only equalizer that actually works for youtube videos on my Firefox on Gnome/Debian.

    Would give 5 stars if I could adjust equalization manually.

    I like it just a little lower on bass, since it's trendy to put a lot of basses and I dislike that very much.
    Some presets allow me to lower the bass but it's not ideal.
  • The menu button doesn't show up. Otherwise it would probably be a great addon

    Der Menü Knopf ist nicht da. Sonst wäre es wahrscheinlich ein tolles Addon

    EDIT: I don't know, when it appeared (probably after a restart), but now its there and its working perfectly fine
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