I'm in for a $20 donation, anyone else ... Rated 5 out of 5 stars

...appreciate this developer being so responsive and actually doing all the work to bring it up to speed with nee Firefox versions?
Please consider sending a donation as i am, any amount will do if enough people show their appreciation for his work and responsiveness, BECAUSE THIS CAN SAVE LIVES.

About a month ago, I had left a review appealing to this developer to please update this, as Firefox was leaving it in it's dust being limited to 3.5.x, however, after a little patience on my part, and subscribing to this thread... I got notification that it HAS been updated, and it will now work with current versions of Firefox. Well done and thank you!

I am in for a $20.00 donation for this developer's excellent foresight of its use, as well as being responsive to those reviewing his Application, and it is my way of showing gratitude for having taken the time to respond, by both updating the program, and replying to the review, as both were greatly appreciated.

Won;t you also contribute to help keep this current and maybe expand on its capabilities? I am sure it will be worth your while and donation in the long run when the next earth shattering record breaking earthquake becomes more predictable if you are watching the little events that lead up to those big ones, and if the Honshu Japan Quake had NOT been on the ocean's floor, it would have been much more devastating than it was for the Japanese people living in the area, and any further south could have resulted in USA Tsunami warnings and from this notification, MY friends, on the west coast, were afforded much earlier preparation time should an alert for tsunami have been posted, because they were WATCHING for them, having been alerted to the earthquakes by me three days before the 9.0 had finally topped all known records. BTW Honshu Japan is STILL experiencing between 4.6M and 5.4M multiple times a day, up to about two weeks ago when they finally seem to have tapered off to being more infrequent!

Thank you for reading my reviews!

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