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  • I wanted images to be included too.
  • Works perfectly to me, one of the most useful add-ons I've ever seen. It simply downloads the file to my Download folder.
  • This works great! It lets me declutter my digital life and stop reading things on my phone or desktop, and move my reading to my Nook. It's easy to use, too: I love that you can select which of your open tabs go into the epub. I'm having a few issues with articles starting midway through -- in the epub, it'll start the article, have a big title, and then the first paragraph is obviously not the beginning of the article. But this only happens maybe 20% of the time, and it's easy enough to work around.
  • on quantum 65.0. worked great for a long time, and now seems to support having >10 tabs selected per output file.

    however, for the past couple days every time i click on the add-on on launch, it displays the "pressing your epub" progress bar, "finishes", but produces no output file obviously (as nothing has been selected).

    will try to dick around with the config files until its updated.

    edit: remove the add-on. quit firefox. launch ff. re-download epubpress. should work now.
  • On Firefox: opens the settings, then works for a while then stops saying "Done !", but no download, nothing.
    From then on, even with a new set of tabs and after closing and reopening the browser, never offer settings again. Just says "Done !". So am I...
  • this is the one i have been searching for,this is simple app where i can download the page as the eBook and read it in my kindle.
  • Very good extension. Hope it can support seeing pictures in the ePub files.
  • This extension works really well! It automatically detected what content (redundant menus, headers, etc.) to remove and I ended up with an almost perfect e-book of the websites I wanted to archive. It was also able to modify links so they point to the appropriate page *inside* the epub instead of just leaving them as external http links; very useful if you want to read offline using a Kindle or similar device. Clearly a lot of work went into this add-on and I appreciate it!
  • Very appreciate author made this plugin.

    * Though some part of webpage been accurate converted, other part have some data missing (not even consider format missing which I care less here) even with simple ul, li structure.

    BUt thanks you, for working or not, always appreciate it.
  • Did almost unexpectedly well for what I wanted done (a 47 page book) in very little time. Although in the future perhaps they could add some sort of heading detection features (the headings for my chapters were a bit repetitive and long), this was perfect for my needs. No unexpected surprises were in the finished book, and it got all the text that I wanted.
  • Didn't work; just created an epub of legal jargon.

    Liked the idea of the multiple tabs and being able to re-order them.

    Needs more options to be able to add 'author', 'website' (for ability to link to again from ebook reader when it's months or years later), 'publisher', 'tags', etc.
  • Salva perfeitamente em ePub; testei vários, mas esse foi o que me mostrou um melhor resultado,
  • I'm amazed at how well this add-on works! To raskospoon's problem. It is not at all obvious what the add-on does if you have not entered an email address. It appears to write the file to the last place you downloaded to perhaps? Just enter an email in the settings and it will email you the file.
  • Love the idea and was excited to try it. It lets me select the tabs to save in the book and then I click download. It appears to be working for a few moments and then I get an error message "Failed Sever Error." Every single time.
  • It doesn't work for me.. Keeps saying that work is done, but no download is offered
  • So far I'm impressed. Now, if you could convert PDFs as well, that would be great!
  • Si tienes un lector de libros electrónicos esta extensión es imprescindible.
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