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  • We had problems with 2.0.4 but we manage to fix them by sending parameter --no-mdc-warning to GPG and we were able to read older encrypted emails (without MDC). But this doesn't work with version 2.0.5 anymore (email is not opened). We have to use cmd line to decrypt. Woudn't it be better to warn the user and open the email anyway?
    We can't do that. By displaying the message anyhow, you would end up exactly where we don't want you to be under any circumstance.

    You would risk to be attacked via the "Efail" vulnerability without noticing. The only way not to end up there is to use the command line. Your workaround for version 2.0.4 is strongly disrecommended.
  • Still 2.0.3 no problems. But with 2.0.4 I cannot decrypt mails, send from my bank account.
    Installation with current nightly (2.1a1pre) works.
  • Works like a charm. Integrates cleanly into Thunderbird and the UX is getting better and better. No more excuses to not encrypt or sign your mails!
  • With version 2.0.1, the S/MIME bug has been corrected. Great!
  • In general, I can't say enough good things about Enigmail.

    It's sad that PGP has to be implemented as an add-on while S/MIME gets first class treatment as a built-in feature. Given that this is the situation we find ourselves in, Enigmail is up to the task. After the initial setup, it makes encryption easy! All my emails are automatically signed and encrypted, incoming emails are automatically decrypted and signatures verified. The messages are clear about when a message is signed, whether the person who signed it is trusted and so on. If it's unable to encrypt an email, it warns me (and this warning is optional for those who don't really care if they send unencrypted emails).

    Unfortunately, when Thunderbird automatically updated me to version 2.0 of Enigmail, I could no longer read encrypted emails. There was no error message, just a blank email. I echoed the email and piped it to my gpg client on the command line and it worked fine. I used the same command which is found on the Basic tab of Enigmail's settings, so I'm confident this is a problem with Enigmail, not with gpg. Furthermore, uninstalling Enigmail and installing version 1.99 (which can be obtained from Enigmail's website if you modify the download URL) caused everything to work perfectly again.

    This brings me to my only real complaint about Enigmail, which is a lack of ability to debug things when something goes wrong. It's rare that there are issues, but in these rare cases, it would be fantastic to be able to troubleshoot what's going wrong. Showing a blank email and no error messages when something goes awry is not reasonable. For a while I sat around waiting for the message to load. The only test I could run (piping the email to the pgp program on the command line) didn't reproduce the error, so I was stuck (short of digging into the source code of Enigmail).

    Aside from having a custom wrapper around the gpg command (which shouldn't matter to Enigmail since it should just be running whatever gpg command is specified in the Basic preferences), I have a standard setup, so I'm not sure why it failed (again, back to the lack of error messages and debugging capabilities). I'm not sure how (or if) new versions are tested before being released, but given the number of reviews citing problems with version 2.0, it does raise questions about this process as well. Hopefully they get it sorted out, and if not, I can just stay on version 1.99 forever.
  • Since last Update to 2.0 S/MIME dont work properly anymore. So I have to deinstall Enigmail as S/MIME is essential for my purposes.
    I fear i wouldn't use/install Enigmail anymore.
    Badly as i really appreciate PGP for some selected communication partners, but we will have to find now another solution for that.

  • The issues described below seem to be fixed. Using the Enigmail menu is a bit different from using the buttons and requires getting used to, although it is quicker imho. It would be nice, if the "Per-Recipient Rules" also supported S/MIME, to specify PGP or S/MIME based on the recipients address.

    The version 2.0 really breaks interaction of S/MIME and PGP. In earlier version it was possible to individually set how to sign and encrypt mails. Now you can only turn signing and encryption on or off and "Enigmail will chose between S/MIME or OpenPGP depending on whether the keys for all recipients are available for the respective standard", whatever that means. And unfortunately, it doesn't work properly and is completely intransparent. This is a problem if you have both SMIME and PGP set up for one account. You cannot choose which keys to use for signing or encrypting. I also found, that SMIME is not used anymore if you also have PGP setup. Even if both sender and recipient also have SMIME available. So it's unclear how it actually works. Also, if Enigmail does not find a recipient's key, it will also not sign the mail, even if sigining is enabled.

    Anyway, you can't set what method to use, you can't see, what Enigmail will actually use, you can't even be sure, that any signing or encryption ist performed at all prior to sending. That makes the whole thing practically unusable. Thats especially annoying since this extension seems to be the only one to bring PGP to thunderbird.

    Until this behavior is fixed, you need to find an alternative mail client for encryption, which is extremely unfortunate.
    Please try the following build which should fix the issue with the default values:

    You can see what Enigmail does by checking the "Sign" and "Encrypt" icons in the toolbar. If S/MIME is used, then the status bar displays the S/MIME signing/encryption icons.
    In addition, the Enigmail menu tells you which algorithm will be selected and allows you to manually pick the algorithm you want.
  • The update is not mature. I can confirm the reported issue "enigmail 2.0 breaks s/mime". I am no longer able to sign with s/mime by default for non-pgp e-mails. Is this no longer possible? The new settings for signing and/or encryption look quite confusing even for experts.

    For all non-pgp receivers I normally sign with s/mime and add my public pgp key as attachment. So every receiver has the chance to trust my e-mail and also to reply encrypted.
    Please try the following build which should fix the issue:
  • I'm using s/mime. Since upgrading to enigmail 2.0 outgoing messages using identities without gpg keys are not s/mime signed by default anymore. I tried to play around with the settings and managed at least to use s/mime as default for identities /with/ gpg keys. Is there a kind of some freaky combination of settings to get identities w/o gpg key to be s/mime signed by default? Thunderbird's own "sign by default" option is getting completely ignored.

    edit, after installing enigmail nightly: works better now. But still, if I unset "enable openpgp support (enigmail) for this identity" I expect not to have pgp at all and to exclusively use s/mime. But s/mime signing is not selected (which should be the default according to thunderbird's settings). Instead, the enigmail menu shows "protocol pgp/mime (auto)" selected.
    Please try the following build which should fix the issue with the values taken from Thunderbird's own default:

    Btw. the menu Enigmail allows you to manually select the algorithm for each message.
  • Works with the most recent version of Seamonkey.
    Has all the functions I need. Been happily using this for years now.
  • Gute PGP Integration
  • Kullandım herkese tavsiye ederim. Sorunsuz çalışıyor
  • Does what it says on the tin. Makes it easy to use encryption.
  • Really great encryption add-on! Allows easy management of keys and automatic encryption and signing. All one needs.
  • I am a true fan of GnuPG when sending e-mail's. Enigmail makes is so easy to manage keys and to send encrypted e-mail's!
  • hi.. this addon was perfect but it does not work with default settings under debian after update to unless you create custom wrap launcher with unset GPG_AGENT_INFO which works for me.

    Problem: GnuPG reported an error in the communication with gpg-agent (a component of GnuPG).

    - using debian 8 64bit - thunderbird latest and this extension latest.
    I'm working closely with the Debian package maintainers to avoid such issues. The problem you are describing is not common to all Debian users; I would strongly recommend that you report it to the Debian bug tracker, such that knowledgeable people can look into it and either help you fix it, or fix the issue in Debian.

  • Enigmail used to work like a charm, but broke about a year ago. Thunderbird hangs on sending emails 4 out of 5 times, and constantly requires you to kill gpg2 in order to keep working.
    It's really disappointing, as it seemed to be the first extension that actually got email encryption right and used to be extremely useful.
    Do you use the latest version of Enigmail? It should not make Thunderbird hang any longer. Otherwise, please report your issue at the Enigmail Mailing List and we will try to fix your problem.
  • Korrektur downgraden auf 1.9.7
  • Seit dem letzten update von thunderbird geht enigmail nicht mehr. Vor allem aber sind meine gespeicherten Entwürfe nicht mehr lesbar! Ich hatte keine Möglichkeit, sie unverschlüsselt zu speichern (auch blöd!), und jetzt sind sie weg.
  • Attention !

    This version( is incompatible with Thunderbird 52 that makes keyserver up/downloads unusable.

    Download version 1.9.7
  • This addon does not provide sufficient warning when you click upload public keys. (Sufficient warning = a popup explaining that uploaded public keys can't be removed from the key servers once uploaded)
    This can lead to leaking of private email addresses that you wish to keep hidden from the public.
  • Just started using today, when I looked into securing my email myself (especially after "another" Yahoo incident) I thought it would be daunting, thanks for proving me wrong. keep up the good work, and Thanks Pat.
  • Fantastic add-on ,
    i am using both type of encryption PGP/MIME and S/MIME and will love to see better interface to manage both of them from one place.
    having a radio button inside the composing windows toolbar that enable selecting either S/MIME or PGP/MIME
    so selecting one, will automatically deselect/disable the other one.
  • This is the most confortable way to use PGP on an E-Mail Client at all. I'm very exiting waiting what will happen, when PEP will be integrated here.

    Only Problem I'm having on Debian: IceDove (Thunderbird) crashes at random events. In the console this seems to be a problem with Enigmail.
  • Best extension in the world... really... too easy to use emails encryption with Enigmail.